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Your legal career in animal law

Updated: Mar 16

Your Legal Career in Animal Law breaks down what you need to know about getting into animal law, including the skills and education you'll need to excel in one of its many career pathways. It shows how animal law changes depending on where you are in the world. It's filled with stories and advice from animal law professionals. It talks about both the inspiring wins and achievements one might gain in the field but also its challenges.

This content is available both on the website and as a downloadable PDF guidebook. For those interested in obtaining the PDF version, simply sign up with your email through the form

Learn about what animal law covers and where it intersects with other legal areas.

Explore the world of animal law through the experiences of professionals making a difference for animals around the globe.

Discover legal protections for animals and how they differ between the United States and the European Union. Get to know the specific challenges and strategies in each region's approach to animal welfare.

Get inspired about a career as an animal lawyer and legal ways you can make a significant positive impact on animal welfare.

Read about the amazing victories of animal lawyers and get a look at how they use their skills and passion for helping animals. 

Learn about the skills and education you need to thrive in animal law. 

Explore the financial aspects of a career in animal law across different countries. 

Get inspired about a career in animal law beyond the courtroom. Learn about leadership, research, education, and innovative paths to help animal rights. 

Dive into what awaits in the animal law field in the upcoming years and why the field will continue to offer opportunities for making a meaningful impact. 

Review the key takeaways to reinforce your understanding and use the insights in your everyday career actions! 


Dive into these additional resources on animal law to explore the field in even more detail! 

Discover Taylor's journey from her law education to her impactful roles at Cleveland State University and AVA. Her experiences, including winning cases with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, tell us about the unique challenges and rewards of a career dedicated to protecting animals through the law.

Discover Alene's journey from her commitment to animal rights at college to founding Legal Impact for Chickens. Her path, marked by a Harvard Law education and impactful roles at leading animal rights organisations, gives us a glimpse into what it’s like to advocate for farmed animals' welfare through law. 

Discover Sabina Bravo's journey into animal law in Chile, transitioning from a law student uncertain of her path to a significant role in advocating for the inclusion of animal rights in her country's constitution.  

Discover Shreya Padukone's transition from environmental and wildlife law to a focused dedication on farmed animal advocacy. Her efforts with educational programs at the Animal Law Center in India and sensitising government officials to animal welfare show us the opportunities to advance animal law in India's context. 

Discover Camille Labchuk's evolution from witnessing animal cruelty in her youth to leading Animal Justice in Canada. Her advocacy efforts have been important in the country's legal reforms and advanced animal welfare, even in light of societal and corporate resistance.

Discover Edie Bowles' journey from intellectual property law to founding Advocates for Animals in the U.K. Her successes in raising public awareness and supporting undercover investigations show the important role of legal action in animal advocacy, despite the challenges of leading a dedicated animal law practice.

Discover Alice's journey from discovering the field during a semester in the U.S. to founding the European Institute for Animal Law & Policy.  Her work on advancing animal welfare through legal research, lobbying, and advising on EU policies, shows the impacts and complexities of navigating animal law within the EU framework.


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