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Alice Di Concetto profile

Updated: Mar 25

Alice Di Concetto is the Chief Legal Adviser at the European Institute for Animal Law & Policy, a pioneering think tank and consultancy in the EU, which she founded in 2021.  Alice studied law in France, received her LLM in animal law from Lewis and Clark Law School, and completed a fellowship at Harvard Law School's Animal Law and Policy Program. Alice's work spans research, lobbying, and advising EU animal law and policies, aiming to bridge legal expertise within animal advocacy. 


Alice’s Path to Animal Law: 

Alice studied law in France, thinking she might do environmental or corporate law. She needed to figure out where she was headed, especially when it came to helping animals, which she cared about.

Alice got an opportunity to spend a semester at NYU Law School in the U.S., and she found out there was such a thing as animal law. She took a course in it, and this was a game-changer for her. She realised she didn't have to choose between environmental and corporate law; she could focus on animal law instead.

Fueled by this new passion, Alice decided to dive deeper and pursue an LLM in animal law at Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. This wasn't just any program—it was the only one. Even though she initially thought about returning to NYU for corporate law, the people around her encouraged her to pursue this unique path in animal law.

After getting her LLM, Alice went back to France, but she wasn't sure what she could do with her new degree. Luckily, she got an opportunity to join a fellowship at Harvard Law School's Animal Law and Policy Program. There, she researched and worked on issues related to the U.S. Farm Bill and animal protection, which was a whole new experience for her.

Alice moved back to Brussels to tackle EU agricultural policies and animal welfare, doing lobbying and research. Even though she made some progress, she felt something was missing in the EU's approach to animal advocacy. She took a big step and started her organisation. It's a think tank and consultancy that helps animal protection groups in Brussels with research and advice on EU policies and laws.

Alice's work has had a big impact. She's helping change laws and policies for the betterment of animals and paving the way for future lawyers and policymakers interested in animal law. Her journey shows that you can make a real difference in the world when you're passionate about something and willing to explore new paths.

Alice’s Successes in Animal Law: 

  • Alice played a crucial role in adapting EU laws for more humane practices, such as on-farm slaughter in Luxembourg. Working with the Luxembourg Ministry, she navigated through complex legal requirements to facilitate amendments in public health and hygiene regulations. This work didn't directly tie into her main focus on animal welfare but showed how quickly legal changes are possible with strong political support. It led to a more compassionate approach to animal slaughter and offered Alice valuable insights into effectively making legal adjustments within the EU.

  • Alice also contributed significantly by providing detailed research for a client involved in a court case about chicken welfare. Her work involved analysing EU law and how it's applied across different countries to support a case against insufficient government enforcement of animal protection laws. This not only helped the legal team but also underscored the importance of thorough legal research in advocating for animals.

Alice’s Challenge in Animal Law: 

  • Alice runs a think tank but had to set aside a considerable amount of time to get a full command of all the rules related to Belgian nonprofit law. Even though she knows a lot about different legal areas, and good nonprofit management practices, figuring out the laws for nonprofits and labour in Belgium is challenging. Since she's used to working with animal law, learning about these other areas shows how running a nonprofit involves more than just knowing about your main topic. You need to understand many different laws to ensure you're doing everything right. 

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