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One simple action
to change the world
and help animals

Donate where it matters.

83 billion
land animals are slaughtered each year

They endure some of the most severe suffering on Earth.

From spending their days confined, having their beaks and tails cruelly removed, to being slaughtered as babies—all to meet swift production goals.

Animals in factory farms.png

Animals in factory farms outnumber the global human population by 10 times. In addition to this, over 1.2 trillion marine animals are killed annually for consumption.

Over 99.6% of animals used and killed are farmed animals, but they receive only 0.8% of all animal charity donations.

This is why your support is crucial. Your contributions can achieve far more when directed towards farmed animals.

Factory farming isn't just about animal suffering. It's also a threat to:

jo-anne-mcarthur-t-LNh7H3eyk-unsplash (1) (1) (1) (1).jpg

It's a major driver of climate change, soil erosion, water pollution, loss of biodiversity, and deforestation.

Our Planet


It exposes rural communities to health risks from direct exposure to pollutants, pesticides, and antibiotics.

Our Communities


It fosters the spread of viruses, increasing the chances of pandemics. It also increases antibiotic resistance, threatening medical effectiveness.

Our Health

This is one of the most pressing issues of our time.

WAM4952 (2) (1).jpg

The problem seems overwhelming, doesn't it? So overwhelming, in fact, that - no matter how much it breaks your heart - it can be hard to know where to start. We felt that way too, at first.


But, one thing is clearer now than ever before:

We are the answer. All of us, united.

How you can help

Giving for Animals encourages animal advocates to take the Giving What We Can Pledge and donate a percentage of their income or wealth to charities optimised to significantly improve the world. You can choose:

  • Giving What We Can Pledge: Commit to donating at least 10% of your income.

  • Trial Pledge: Choose the percentage that feels right for you, starting at 1%, for a period you decide.

Our aim is to reduce animal suffering by directing funds to charities that make the biggest impact for animals.


By joining this initiative, you become part of a community of over 9,700 individuals committed to promoting compassion and improving the lives of human and non-human animals around the world.

WAM7609 (1) (1).jpg

For the animals.

For the planet.

For all of us.

If only 100 people commit to donating just 10% of their income, they can fully fund an entire animal charity, making an astonishing impact for animals in need.

WAM9174 (1) (1).jpg

You play a crucial role in changing the world

It won't happen without YOU

1. Pledge to give

Make your commitment to donate a portion of your income to impactful charities.

A donation is not required at this point.

2. Start donating

Decide when it's right for you to turn your pledge into action.

Everything on your own terms.

3. See progress

Policy reforms. More plant-based food. Better conditions for animals. Step by step, we’ll reach our shared vision.

Feel assured by following the progress of the charities you donate to.

We’re partnering with Giving What We Can to provide you with a better pledge experience.

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GWWC logo transparent.png

Animals are relying on you. Will you help?

Join the global movement to end animal suffering

Take steps to be on the right side of history. Make it possible for yourself to look back and say, "I helped make this change possible for all animals, humans included." Don't overthink it. There are so many terrific organizations changing the world for animals, and they each play an important role in the shift we must make as a society.

Tania Luna.png

Tania Luna
Co-founder at Scarlet Spark

You don't even have to give that much to be impactful. Being vegan for a year spares tens of animals, and just donating a few dollars to the most effective charities has the same impact (of course the best is to be vegan AND donate more than just a few dollars)

Alex Schwalb.png

Alex Schwalb
Electronic engineer at Knowles

Everything on your own terms.
All we ask for is your commitment.

Pledge the amount you’re comfortable with

If you’re not ready to take the 10% Pledge, you can start with a trial pledge of your choice.

You choose. Showing your commitment inspires others, amplifying your impact.

Opportunity to be featured on AAC's website

High impact with minimal effort

A huge act of compassion that won’t significantly affect your finances. You might even have tax benefits or company matching.

Donate when you want to

Contribute on your own terms—once per month or once per year.

Join our community of like-minded individuals

Stand with fellow animal advocates, donors, and pledgers in a movement that's changing the world.

Adapted to your personal situation

If you’re a student or unemployed, pledge 1% of your spending money now and a percentage of your future income later.

Your support fuels change

Thanks to the power of donations from supporters like you, animal charities are making great progress.

"40 million animals' suffering reduced thanks to california's prop 12, the most progressive animal protection law in history."

— Result of collaboration of various organizations

WAM4791 (1).jpg

The animals’ future is in your hands. Your pledge ensures a world where suffering has no place.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Fundraising?
    A lack of funding is one of the main problems that the animal advocacy movement faces. We believe that fundraising is one of the top areas where the movement most urgently needs more expertise. This programme seeks to empower individuals with fundraising skills within the animal advocacy sphere, in order to strengthen the movement.
  • What Do Fundraisers Do?
    There are many different types of fundraising roles and work, ranging from digital marketing to face-to-face fundraising with major donors. However, there are some common activities: ‣ Communicate with donors. Of course, this often involves directly asking donors or institutions for their financial support. ‣ Research potential donors and grant-makers. ‣ One-to-one communication with individuals and institutions that might make gifts and thanking them for gifts they have made. Fundraising involves both cultivating relationships with prospective donors and stewarding relationships with existing donors. ‣ Coordinate with other employees in the organisation to ensure that information related to donors is well-informed and to support communication with or proposals for donors. ‣ Logistical work coordinating fundraising across the department or specific fundraising campaigns.
  • How Will this Work Placement Expand my Career Options?
    Fundraising provides a lot of generally useful skills. At the end of the experience, you will be better equipped to work in various nonprofit roles besides fundraising, including campaigns, marketing, or management and leadership, roles in government institutions, or roles at for-profit companies. Fundraisers may be well-placed to enter high-level management and leadership roles in nonprofits.
  • How Does This Work Help Animals?
    If you’re interested in helping animals effectively through your career, you should prioritise work that has high potential for impact. Spending resources on fundraising can have a multiplier effect by raising substantially more money than is invested.
  • How Does the Application Process Work?
    Please complete our application form. After the deadline, if we have received a completed form from you, we will send you an email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not. If we proceed, you will be asked to complete 2-3 hours’ worth of test tasks. We will then send you another email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not. If we proceed, you will have an interview to discuss your application and the programme. We will then send you another email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not. Application deadline: Sunday 1st May. We recognise that this application process is more time-consuming than some. We offer compensation of $20 per hour spent on test tasks (up to a maximum of 3 hours), as well as $50 per interview. (Note that this payment might be taxable in your country and you are responsible for reporting it to your tax authority.)

Still need to think?

We understand.

We recognize that the journey to reduce animal suffering is both personal and challenging. That's why we have resources to help you channel your compassion into meaningful action.

You can start with some small actions:

1. Join our email community

You’ll get a monthly email featuring content on careers and donations for animal advocacy.

Didn't find an answer to your question or need personalized advice?

Contact our team.

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