Lauren Mee
Co-founder & CEO

Before starting AAC, Lauren worked previously for just under 7 years in the for-profit sector, consulting organisations on using data to improve business efficiencies and market entry projects. In her spare time she volunteered for effective animal advocacy organisations. 

Lauren participated in the 2019 cohort of Charity Entrepreneurship, and currently serves as a mentor for WANBAM.


Jamie Harris
Researcher & Co-founder

Before working on AAC, Jamie was a researcher for Sentience Institute, where he still works part-time and hosts a podcast.

He has a given many one-to-one careers advice calls and given talks at numerous events from America to Asia, including Effective Altruism Global x, International Conference on Animal Rights, and Conference on Animal Rights in Europe.


Aneeha Patwardhan
Operations Manager

Aneeha is an operations and management professional with a background in engineering, business consulting, and programme leadership. She enjoys enabling effective nonprofits to scale their programs through operations excellence.

Aneeha also leads global operations for Vegan Outreach and previously led their India branch. She is passionate about reducing animal suffering and has a decade of experience in animal protection in India.


Nicole Headshot 2020.jpg

Nicole Rawling 

Nicole is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at the Material Innovation Initiative. Nicole has a BS in international politics from Georgetown and a law degree from Northwestern. She has been in the animal protection movement for decades, working at the Humane Society of the United States, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and the Good Food Institute. She is also a mentor through Wanbam.


Pia Voltz

Pia is co-founder and board member of CellAg Germany, an association to accelerate cellular agriculture in the Germany. She also co-founded and managed an EA local group for two years. She holds degrees in organisational psychology and general management. As a consultant and project manager she has been providing solutions for clients from different industries. Her areas of expertise include recruitment, personnel selection and development, employer branding, and organisational development. 

Laila Kassam headshot.JPG

Laila Kassam

Laila is a co-founder and Mission Lead of Animal Think Tank, co-founder of the Veterinary Vegan Network and Ethical Globe, and co-editor of the book Rethinking Food and Agriculture: New Ways Forward. Laila has a PhD in development economics and has worked in the international development sector since 2003.

Brenton Mayer headshot.jpg

Brenton Mayer

Brenton is Head of Internal Systems at 80,000 Hours, an organisation which aims to solve the most pressing skill bottlenecks in the world’s most pressing problems. Previously, Brenton practiced clinical medicine and co-founded the Run to Better Days and Effective Altruism Australia, nonprofits promoting effective development aid.


Meghan O'Brien Lowery 

Meghan is Partner and Director of The Greenbaum Foundation. In her role she focuses primarily on domestic and global projects to end factory farming and promote plant-based lifestyles. Meghan is passionate about relational literacy, supporting movement building and making people laugh.


Edie Bowles

Edie is CEO and co-founder of the UK's first animal protection law firm, Advocates for Animals. She is a solicitor specialising in animal protection law and has advised many animal protection organisations and individuals on a wide range of issues, from farming and wildlife through to animal experiments and entertainment. She is also a trustee of The Humane League. She often speaks on animal protection issues and has done so in the UK Parliament, the French Senate, and the East African Legislative Assembly.