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The highest-impact career for you is the one that allows you to make the biggest contribution to animal advocacy.


We have put together skills profiles for specific career paths we think are especially impactful. The lists are based on our research and experience advising people, as well as on the talent bottlenecks in the movement.

Our skills profiles are intended to be used as part of a careful career plan, such as to help you decide which job types you should seek to explore next. We don’t think that everyone should try to develop these particular types of expertise; you should only do so if it makes sense in terms of your wider impact-focused career strategy, e.g. you have a good personal fit.


Fundraisers can increase the money available for effective animal advocacy nonprofits, enabling them to help animals more.

Managers and leaders can have a multiplier effect on the impact of their colleagues at animal advocacy nonprofits or food companies.

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Developing and scaling up the production of high-quality animal product alternatives will reduce the number of animals that are bred and killed for food.

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You can encourage changes and improvements in legislation, regulation, and enforcement, redirect government spending, and shift social norms and attitudes in ways that are more favourable to animals.

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You can help ensure that animals across the world have advocates to help them, as well as taking opportunities for easy victories for animals.

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The profiles here are not an exhaustive list of skills and career paths that can be highly impactful for animals. We expect to create further skills profiles going forwards.

80,000 Hours have a useful list of career reviews that are not specific to particular cause areas. Our skills profiles are intended to supplement that list.

You can read about the methodology used in our skills profiles.

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