Apply to our online course today! The deadline is Sunday 10th January.

This online course will walk you through some of the key considerations involved in working to help animals and will help you plan your next steps.

​It will provide you with information on the animal advocacy community and the diverse and exciting career opportunities that are available.

At the end of this course, we expect that you will be bursting with ideas of career paths that would enable you to help animals effectively and would be highly fulfilling.

What’s more, it will provide you with the knowledge that you need to start working out which career path will enable you to maximise your positive impact for animals. You will be supported to use this knowledge in creating a career plan and working out which actions you should take next.

You’ll also meet a group of peers going through the same process as you. You will be able to support each other to make progress on your goals, during the course and afterwards.

The online course will be split over nine weeks, with each online session taking an hour or two to complete. The sessions are:

  • Why farmed animals?

  • What does the farmed animal movement look like today?

  • Which interventions should we focus on?

  • How can you donate effectively?

  • How can you have a career that helps animals effectively?

  • How can you test your personal fit?

  • Can you help animals?

  • What are your next steps? Planning your career

  • How much have you learned? (Test)

After the course, we will also provide some follow-up contact and support to help you implement your plans.


If you think that this course sounds too “introductory” for you, you may find the information on our careers advice page more helpful, which includes skills profiles about specific career paths and skillsets.

Please note that Unfortunately, individuals cannot apply for both this online course if you have already applied to either the previous round of our online course or our one-to-one careers advice calls service, regardless of whether you were accepted to participate or not. Both programmes will have a 50% acceptance rate. Those who are invited to participate in the course will be selected randomly; your answers in the form will not affect your chances of selection, and completing the form means that you have a 50% chance of being offered a space on the programme.