Thank you for your interest in supporting our work. There are a number of ways that you can get involved - please take a moment to see which of the below may suit you best.


We're not currently hiring ourselves. If you've already applied for our Operations Manager role and want to see the job specification again, you can see it here (the application deadline has now passed). Otherwise, we encourage you to have a look at our job board. Thanks for your interest in helping animals through your career!



You may be able to help us; please contact us to introduce yourself if you have any of the following:

  • Expertise in hiring, recruitment, and human resources.

  • Connections to the current and potential advocates in countries where the animal advocacy community is small or new.

  • Connections to or expertise with the politics, policy, and lobbying ecosystem in any country.

  • Professional coaching or mentoring in management and leadership or in fundraising.

  • Connections to grant-making organisations or donors that may be interested in funding AAC, given that we work primarily on “capacity-building” in the animal advocacy community, rather than working directly to help animals.

More generally, we expect that there are many ways that we could improve our services to the animal advocacy movement that we have not yet thought of; please contact us if you have other advice for us.



Open PhilanthropyEffective Altruism Funds, and Charity Entrepreneurship have already put their faith in us by providing grants to us, but we need a diverse base of donors to ensure our sustainability as an organisation, so that we can continue to help advocates maximise their positive impact for animals.

​​Any donations made, however small, are greatly appreciated!

Please donate here or contact us if you’d like to discuss larger donations.



We do not offer a formal volunteering programme. We may not be able to dedicate substantial amounts of time to managing volunteers and donations may be more useful to us. However, if you have a specific idea for how you could help us, we are certainly open to proposals.

​We thank you for your time and interest in supporting our mission; please do contact us to introduce yourself and your volunteering proposal.