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Our programs


Through our high-quality career support and connections to impactful animal advocacy opportunities, we are empowering a generation of changemakers to build a brighter future for all creatures.

Online Course

Our online course explores how animal advocates can use their career to make a meaningful impact for animals. It focuses on:

  • How to help animals effectively over the course of your career

  • Identify fulfilling career paths,

  • How people can start taking action to maximise your positive impact for animals. Participation is free.


Scaleable • Cost-effective • Proven results

How We Create Change

How our programs contribute to accelerate
the end of animal suffering


Support people to enter and upskill in key talent bottlenecks

Attract and direct people to high impact opportunities

Keep track of relevant opportunities in animal advocacy

Help organisations with their hardest to hire roles

Candidates land a job at impactful organisations

Organisations can accelerate their visions as a result of new effective hires

Animal suffering is reduced and increasingly spared

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Job Board

Our job board connects you to exciting animal nonprofit jobs with high potential for helping animals.

Highly cost-effective • proven results

Fundraising Work Placement

A remote, paid work placement that places talented individuals in fundraising roles with effective animal advocacy organisations for a short period of time.

AAC programs

Innovative solution • Potential for cost-effectiveness • Long-term impact • Improving movement inefficiencies

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Career Advising

We offer career advising content and one-to-one calls to help talented individuals find their direction in animal advocacy.

Impact focused • Potential for cost-effectiveness • Personalised, targeted impact


We have a Top Candidate Database and an Online Course Database that serve as a central place for top talent available for work in the movement that we created to solve some inefficiencies in hiring in the animal advocacy space.

hiring animal jobs

New programme • Innovative solution • Potential for cost-effectiveness •  Improving movement inefficiencies

Learn more about Animal Advocacy Careers

Our Impact

Learn more about the impact our programs had so far.

About Us

Learn more about how our story and mission.

Get Involved

Find out ways in which you help us change the world for animals.

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