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Applications for our Learning and Digital Manager role have been closed.

Animal Advocacy Careers (AAC) is seeking a passionate and driven Learning & Digital Manager to join our remote team.


As the Learning & Digital Manager, you will play a crucial role in shaping the strategy and development of our website and online content. Your primary focus will be to enhance audience engagement and learning by understanding and deciding what content and products best meet the needs of our audience, growing our user base and ultimately improving the outcomes for our most impactful programs.


This is an exciting opportunity to make a difference by helping our audience make informed career decisions in the animal advocacy field.


Remote, Worldwide

Job type

12-month part-time contract

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About Animal Advocacy Careers

Animal Advocacy Careers is an organisation that speeds up the end of unnecessary animal suffering* by matching people to roles that help animals most. There are many billions of animals kept in appalling conditions; we provide careers services for individuals and organisations seeking to help them.


Services that we offer include an introductory online course, a job board, a work placement programme and a talent matching database. Our cautious estimate is that we have helped over 56 people land high impact positions who wouldn’t have otherwise and added over $600,000 of value to the movement through these positions.

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*“Unnecessary animal suffering” = animal suffering which is preventable or that we believe through working on the topic is in our power to alleviate and make animals lives substantially less bad

Benefits to you

  • An opportunity to contribute to the development of an exciting early stage nonprofit startup that works to help animals as effectively as possible.

  • High autonomy working culture, with primary responsibility for the direction, goals, and achievements of products produced.

  • Fully remote work environment and team.

  • Flexible working hours.

  • Generous and flexible self-managed time off policy

  • Optional 2 days of direct volunteering work e.g. sanctuary, protest, or self-care days. 

  • 1-month paid sabbaticals after every 3 years

  • Encouragement and support to spend at least 5% of paid time on training and development and a $500 professional development surcharge budget.

  • A clear compensation policy with opportunities for promotion annually.

How You Will Make a Difference

You will:

  • Evaluate, maintain and update our website and online content, ensuring it remains user-friendly, up-to-date, and visually appealing.

  • Provide insights and recommendations for improvement of our website and implement them (by yourself or with the help for a website specialist if required)

  • Take full ownership of the learning experience for our audiences who’d like to know more about how to make an impact for the animals with their career

  • Develop and execute the strategy for AAC's online content, ensuring it aligns with our mission, vision, and target audience.

  • Collaborate with AAC team members to create content connectors for all AAC’s programmes to create seamless experiences for our main audiences

  • Create compelling and informative content that resonates with our audience and drives engagement.

  • Identify and prioritize content opportunities based on user needs, industry trends, and organizational goals.

  • Take ownership of the development and maintenance of the online course including, working with the marketing manager to set up email marketing to improve the completion rate of the course.

  • Design and test MVP/pilot variations of online courses and other digital content, e.g. to reach new audiences or better support our existing audiences to maximise their positive impact for animals. 

  • Take the lead on the development of new, additional online courses or other adjacent products and services.

Depending on your skillset and ongoing developments at AAC you may also:

  • Be in charge of maintaining, updating & promoting the job board

  • Research and write new copy for the course.

  • Write blog posts to support SEO 

  • Writing social media content 

  • Contribute in other ways to the content development, e.g. by recording videos.

  • Design community building initiatives that help improve completion rates

  • Develop cost-effective (and ideally, highly scalable) ways to support our online course alumni to evaluate, explore, prepare for, and secure high-impact roles in the animal advocacy movement.

  • You will have substantial input into which tasks you prioritise. AAC is a rapidly evolving organisation, so the scope of this role may change over time.

What We're Looking For

You will:

  • Be interested in how people learn best online, how to nudge people to make better decisions, and how this can result in people taking positive career changes to help animals.

  • Understanding of the most effective digital learning methodologies and instructional design principles, or a desire to learn them quickly.

  • Experience in digital and/or learning content management (could be informal or volunteer).

  • Experience in creating a product/project from scratch and iterating based on user feedback.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to tailor content for different audiences.

  • Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data and insights to drive decision-making.

  • Strong project management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks that are most needed to achieve the organisation’s goals.

  • Have strong interpersonal communication and teamwork skills.

  • Have strong computer literacy.

  • Have strong attention to detail.

  • Be comfortable working independently in a fully remote team.

  • Be motivated to do work that helps animals/improves the world. 

  • Be motivated to develop strategies and processes that optimise for social impact at the movement level.

You don’t have to have any particular previous experience to qualify for this role. We can imagine a wide array of experience types that might increase our confidence in your ability to perform the role to a high standard, e.g.:

  • E-learning or EdTech.

  • Teaching or writing course content.

  • SEO writing

  • Product management.

  • Project management.

  • Product design.

  • UX design.

  • Digital marketing or content marketing.

We don’t expect any candidate to have had experience with all of these things, and none of them are requirements. We are open to candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.


You don’t have to have taken our online course or be an expert in animal advocacy - we’ll be happy to allow the right candidate the time to upskill on this.


AAC is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We encourage all qualified individuals to apply, regardless of ethnic background, race, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, age, ability etc. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility, and we will endeavour to make adjustments throughout the process where possible. Please do not send us your resumes and cover letters to this address - it will be not be counted as an application. Our process starts with filling out this form where you can attach your CV. Thank you!


Additionally, it is sometimes said that men tend to apply for jobs when they meet only some of a job’s criteria, while women and other marginalised groups are less likely to apply if they are not a 100% match. If you are passionate about AAC’s mission and think you have what it takes to be successful in this, please apply even if you don’t check all the boxes. We’d appreciate the opportunity to consider your application.

We have recently taken part in the “Inclusive Hiring Skills Programme” and have incorporated best practices into our process. We hope that it will provide for a great candidate experience, but we always welcome feedback! You can submit it anonymously via this form. If something deterred you from applying, we’d also like to hear about it.


  • Location: Remote. Most countries and time zones are workable (though you will need to be available for a couple of monthly and weekly meetings convenient for American or European team members and stakeholders, usually between 12 and 5pm GMT).

  • Terms of Employment: part-time independent contractor (20 hours per week), 12 month fixed-term contract.

    • We expect to renew the contract if the role meets your needs and ours and you perform well.

  • Pay rate: $41,000 pro rata, 0.5 FTE would be $20,500 per annum. In a very small number of cases where the candidate’s experience far exceeds the requirements of the role, we may consider a higher pay rate up to $51,000 pro rata per annum. 

    • AAC doesn’t negotiate pay rates and has a location-independent salary and contractor fee policy.

  • Reports to: Sofia Balderson (Head of Programs)

  • Start: As soon as possible after the hiring process is complete. We expect to make an offer to the successful candidate before August 9st and we’ll let you know if this changes.

  • Deadline: Sunday 2nd July 2023 23:59 GMT.

  • Title: We are flexible about the exact title depending on the candidate’s preferences, e.g. Content Strategist, Online Learning Manager or Education & Engagement Manager.

  • We can provide reasonable accommodation for all candidates - we will offer extra time for test tasks for non-native English speakers and further accommodation if requested. You will be able to request accommodation in the application form.

  • We will offer general feedback to all candidates if they weren’t selected. We may offer more detailed feedback after the interviews.

  • We will send all unsuccessful candidates further resources to help with their job search, and if you make it to the interview stage, we may refer your candidacy to other organisations in the movement with your permission.


We hosted an optional Q&A session about this role on 22th June, Thursday, 6pm GMT. Here is the recording. If you can't see the video here, please click this link.

How to Apply

Thanks for your interest in working with us to help animals!

To apply:

  • Please complete our application form. It consists of a few question prompts, which we’ll use to assess your application. We expect that the application shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour. After the deadline, if we have received a completed form from you, we will send you an email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not.

  • If we proceed, you will be asked to complete 2 hours’ worth of paid test tasks. We will then send you another email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not.

  • If we proceed, you will have a paid structured interview to discuss your application and the role. We will then send you another email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not.

  • There will be one final interview with more questions, where we’ll be able to resolve any uncertainties and discuss any practical questions.

  • We expect to make an offer to the successful candidate before 9th August and we’ll let you know if this changes.

  • Application deadline: 2nd July 2022 23:59 GMT.


We recognise that this application process is more time-consuming than some. We offer compensation of $20 per hour spent on test tasks (up to a maximum of 3 hours), as well as $50 per interview (note that this payment might be taxable in your country and you are responsible for reporting it to your tax authority.)


Any questions: Please contact Please do not send us your resumes and cover letters to this address - it will be not be counted as an application. Our process starts with filling out this form where you can attach your CV. Thank you!

What Our Team Says

AAC team testimonials (3).jpg
AAC team testimonials.jpg

We asked Ana… How will your role collaborate with this role?

As the Marketing Manager, I would be collaborating a lot with the Learning and Digital Manager, especially when it comes to the creation of content for marketing purposes.


First, I’ll help you get in touch with our content creation and marketing processes, the tools we use and how we’re using content to support our programs (such as email sequences and website content related to our online course and job board).


After that, we will be working together in making sure the content strategy aligns with the overall marketing strategy and AAC’s goals, according to each step of our users’ journey.


Some specific channels and strategies we could collaborate together include SEO (keyword and topic research, blog post writing and optimisations, etc), content for our email sequences and for social media. The tasks you’ll be working on are very flexible, and I’m happy to distribute work according to our unique skills and preferences. :)

We asked Ana... What are you responsible for, day to day?

The main areas of my work include:

  • SEO: Making sure our website doesn’t have any SEO issues and fixing them when they come up (both technical and keyword optimisation).

  • Email marketing: Setting up and improving our email sequences for people that join our mailing list (through the online course, job board and general sign up forms).

  • Fundraising: I’m also developing some fundraising campaigns.

  • Job board: I update the job board weekly and send out an email and social media post with the new roles; I also try to continually set up systems to improve the functionality and updating process of our job board

  • Social media: I’m currently doing the social media posts, but this might be something that the new content manager would take on, depending on their preferences.

  • Ads: I’m managing our Google Ad grant and doing occasional campaigns on Meta ads.

  • Promotion of specific campaigns and projects we have: From time to time, we have specific projects to promote and create content about. For example, our Fundraising Work Placement only happens once a year or less.

  • Strategy: I create AAC’s marketing strategy and come up with initiatives to increase the reach and engagement of our audience.

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