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About Animal Advocacy Careers

Animal Advocacy Careers is an organisation that speeds up the end of unnecessary animal suffering* by matching people to roles that help animals most. There are many billions of animals kept in appalling conditions; we provide careers services for individuals and organisations seeking to help them.


Services that we offer include an introductory online course, a job board, a work placement programme and a talent matching database. Our cautious estimate is that we have helped over 56 people land high impact positions who wouldn’t have otherwise and added over $600,000 of value to the movement through these positions.

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*“Unnecessary animal suffering” = animal suffering which is preventable or that we believe through working on the topic is in our power to alleviate and make animals lives substantially less bad

Open Positions

Learning and Digital Manager


Marketing or communications



Benefits to you

  • An opportunity to contribute to the development of an exciting early stage nonprofit startup that works to help animals as effectively as possible.

  • High autonomy working culture, with primary responsibility for the direction, goals, and achievements of products produced.

  • Fully remote work environment and team.

  • Flexible working hours.

  • Generous and flexible self-managed time off policy

  • Optional 2 days of direct volunteering work e.g. sanctuary, protest, or self-care days. 

  • 1-month paid sabbaticals after every 3 years

  • Encouragement and support to spend at least 5% of paid time on training and development and a $500 professional development surcharge budget.

  • A clear compensation policy with opportunities for promotion annually.

What Our Team Says

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