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10 powerful points to take away

Updated: Mar 25

  1. Understand the scope of animal law: Animal law covers more than just pets. It deals with different legal areas like the environment and crimes involving animals. In your career, you'll need to handle these various aspects.

  1. Recognise global differences: Remember that animal laws vary from country to country. Different places have different rules and cultural views about animals. Respect these differences when working in this field.

  1. Choose the right school: You might pick a law school with an animal law program or professor. If your school doesn't offer this, take the initiative and start a student group or advocate for relevant courses.

  1. Explore different jobs: Animal law has many roles, from going to court to advocating for policies. Internships and volunteering can give you valuable experience early in your career.

  1. Develop key skills: Focus on building your legal knowledge, communication skills, analytical abilities, and research and writing skills. These are crucial for success in animal law.

  1. Learn from experts: Listen to professionals like Taylor, Alene, Edie, Shreya, Sabina, Camille and Alice. They can share their experiences and help you understand the challenges and opportunities in animal law.

  1. Stay informed: Keep up with important legal developments in your country, like Proposition 12 in the U.S. or "End the Cage Age" in the E.U. These cases and movements greatly affect animal welfare laws.

  1. Be aware of finances: Understand that salaries in animal law can vary. Nonprofit work might offer benefits like loan forgiveness, which can be helpful.

  1. Walk your path: Don't be afraid to create your path in animal law. You can start your own initiatives. New approaches can lead to better animal welfare and rights.

  1. Prepare for the future: Stay updated on how animal law grows and becomes more important in society. Be ready for challenges, and remember that advocating for animal rights and welfare can be very rewarding.

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