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Future of animal law

Updated: Mar 25

Animal law is becoming more important and evolving worldwide. This is happening because more and more people care about the well-being and rights of animals on a global scale. This growth in animal law covers a wide range of areas, such as the rights of pets, protecting wildlife, ensuring farmed animals’ welfare, and ensuring animals in entertainment and research are treated ethically.

As people become more aware of these issues and science helps us understand how animals feel and how to care for them better, the laws worldwide are also changing. More animal cases are being brought to court, and many countries are creating new laws or updating existing ones to address these concerns. 

Animal law is becoming more important both at home and abroad, reflecting that pursuing a career in this area can be both promising and meaningful for you.

Alene’s Take

Cutting-edge Field 

Alene calls animal law a 'hidden gem,' which means she sees it as a special and valuable part of the legal profession that not many people know about. She's optimistic and believes there are great opportunities in animal law and that it can be a place for creative legal work and societal impact. She talks about it being “intellectually stimulating” and “cutting-edge”. Even though animal law has challenges, it's a rewarding and meaningful field for those passionate about animal rights and welfare.


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