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The animal lawyers we interviewed

Updated: Mar 25

In this Animal Law series, we share opinions, advice, and insights from professionals with rich experience in animal law. 

Get introduced to major figures in animal law who are creating positive changes for animal welfare, both inside the courtroom and out, on a global scale.

You'll see how they're changing the field, from teaching law students to taking on big industries that harm animals. Their real-world perspectives will help you understand the field’s practicalities, challenges, and opportunities. Read the linked full profiles for even more inspiration.  

Taylor Waters is an animal law attorney and Supervising Attorney & Director, currently establishing the Animal Law Center at Cleveland State University College of Law in the United States. She was a litigation clerk for the Animal Legal Defense Fund and a practitioner in Ohio. Taylor brings rich experience and dedication to her current role in shaping the future of animal law education and practice.

Alene Anello is an animal law attorney and the founder of Legal Impact for Chickens in the United States. Her journey in law, started by her commitment to animal rights, includes a Harvard Law education and roles in litigation and legal counsel, including for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Good Food Institute, and Animal Legal Defense Fund. Alene focuses on combating factory farming and promoting the welfare of farmed animals. 

Sabina Bravo works with a legal foundation  Fundación Derecho y Defensa Animal in Chile and at Animal Policy International as a volunteer researcher. Although not yet a licensed lawyer, her significant contributions include coordinating a national campaign for the inclusion of animals in the constitution and handling animal cruelty cases. Her career began with a thesis on the U.K.'s animal cruelty laws. Sabina works on legal research, legislative action, and advocacy for animal protection. 

Shreya Padukone is the program lead at the Animal Law Center in India, where she takes on research and capacity-building initiatives. She also works with Aneeha Patwardhan Consulting to support custom operations projects at animal advocacy nonprofits. Shreya has been involved in environmental and wildlife law. She soon realised the significance of farmed animal advocacy in the broader context and joined ALC, India's pioneering research centre specialising in animal law and policy. 

Camille Labchuk is the executive director of Animal Justice, Canada's leading animal law advocacy group. Influenced by the commercial seal hunt near her native Prince Edward Island, she became a vegan and wanted to work to protect animal rights. Previously, she worked in politics as a press secretary to a federal party leader, and then in communications for an animal non-profit. After recognising the impact of animal law, Camille pursued a law degree and is now leading Animal Justice in legal cases and reforms to improve animal welfare in Canada. 

Edie Bowles is an accomplished animal law solicitor and the founder of Advocates for Animals, her animal law firm in the United Kingdom. Edie's path evolved from intellectual property law to focus solely on animal law, where she now provides legal services to multiple animal welfare organisations in the U.K.

Alice Di Concetto is the Chief Legal Adviser at the European Institute for Animal Law & Policy, a pioneering think tank and consultancy in the EU, which she founded in 2021.  Alice studied law in France, received her LLM in animal law from Lewis and Clark Law School, and completed a fellowship at Harvard Law School's Animal Law and Policy Program. Alice's work spans research, lobbying, and advising EU animal law and policies, aiming to bridge legal expertise within animal advocacy.

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