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Animal advocacy careers in 2024: key insights & jobs on the rise 

In 2024, animal advocacy-related careers are experiencing unprecedented growth and diversification. Here, we delve into the latest trends and insights, shedding light on the most coveted roles and departments studied through roles on our Job Board.

Remote Work Trends and Global Reach

The work landscape is rapidly evolving, and animal advocacy is no exception. With 32.77% of roles offering remote positions and 39.50% adopting hybrid work models, professionals can now contribute to the cause anywhere in the world. This shift towards flexible work arrangements not only enhances accessibility but also fosters a global network of passionate advocates. (based on current openings on our job board)

The data from our job board also showcases that animal protection organisations can provide a flexible work environment.  The pie charts show the percentage of each type of role and the percentage of roles in each department.

Top departments and roles- paving the path to impact

  1. Fundraising or development 

This is one of the top departments with many opportunities to help animals. These roles include grantmaking, fundraiser manager, and charity entrepreneur, among many others. It is also the crux of animal protection initiatives to sustain their work. We have published a Fundraising career path guide to help you navigate this field better. One of the top identified roles in our job board database is Fundraising Manager

  1. Operations, administration, HR, project management, finance, or accounting

Efficient operations and robust administrative frameworks provide the necessary backbone for the smooth functioning of any organisation. Roles encompassing administration, human resources, project management, finance, and accounting are indispensable in ensuring organisational effectiveness. One of the top identified roles in our database is Operations Administrator.

  1. Government, policy, lobbying, or legal

You can encourage changes and improvements in legislation, regulation, and enforcement, redirect government spending, and shift social norms and attitudes in ways that are more favorable to animals. One of the top identified roles in our database is  Public Policy Specialist. With our complete guidebook, you can learn how to make a meaningful impact for animals through law. This resource is packed with in-depth insights and tips you shouldn't miss!

  1. Marketing or communications

Effective communication and strategic marketing are pivotal in raising awareness, mobilising support, and garnering public engagement for animal protection initiatives. Professionals adept at crafting compelling narratives, leveraging media channels, and executing strategic communication campaigns enter this field. One of the top identified roles in our database is Communications Director/ Manager.

  1. Campaigns, corporate engagement, or volunteer management

Engaging with corporations, orchestrating impactful campaigns, and mobilising volunteer networks are indispensable strategies for driving transformative change for animals. We have published a Growing the Animal Advocacy Movement career path guide to help you navigate this field better. The top-identified roles in our database are Corporate Engagement Manager and Campaign Manager. 

  1. Leadership

Managers and leaders can have a multiplier effect on the impact of their colleagues at animal advocacy nonprofits or food companies. We have published a Management and Leadership career path guide to help you navigate this field better. One of the top identified roles in our database is Director/ CEO.

When it comes to careers in animal protection, one thing remains clear: the opportunities are boundless. Whether you're a professional or an early-career enthusiast, you have a role to play in contributing your skills for animals. For more insights and career opportunities in animal advocacy, visit

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