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What makes it worth it: success stories

Updated: Mar 25

In the world of animal law, passionate advocates work hard to defend the rights and welfare of animals. Why do they do the challenging and often emotional work? 

Their work shows how much of a difference legal action can make. The dedication of animal lawyers results in remarkable victories, not only benefiting animals directly but also leading to large-scale legal and societal change. 

Let’s dive into the success stories of our interviewees.

Taylor used consumer protection laws to take legal action against a puppy mill broker. This move wasn't just about winning a case; it was about showing how you can use different parts of the law to protect animals. This example proves why knowing a wide range of laws can be a powerful tool in animal law.

Alene’s team sent a cease-and-desist letter to a large farm supply store for not giving water to baby chickens. Their letter led to the store agreeing to institute random animal-welfare audits. 

Edie also took part in a legal battle relating to chickens. The media got involved and brought attention to the problems with how some chickens are raised. The case helped more people learn about these issues and showed how court cases can shine a light on important topics, encouraging people to be concerned about animals and make changes.

Shreya made strides in education, helping start college programs focused on animal law and scholarship programs to support talented and effective animal advocates in being more impactful with legal literacy. This was a big step in making sure animal law was taken seriously as a subject and career path, helping to train lawyers and other allied professionals who will stand up for animals.

Sabina and the foundation she worked with aimed to get protection for animals included in the country's new constitution. Even though the constitution didn't pass, the campaign itself raised awareness about animal rights, showing how advocacy and legal efforts can help spread important messages and gain support for a cause.

Camille played a key role in advocating for and achieving a federal ban in Canada to stop whales and dolphins from being kept in places like aquariums. This was a huge deal for protecting these sea animals as it ensured that no future captivity or breeding of these marine animals would occur. It was a group effort with other organisations, but Camille and her team were proud of their contribution to making this happen.

Alice has made a big difference in animal law, especially with her work to amend EU laws on on-farm slaughtering, which shows that legal changes can happen quickly. She also helped in a lawsuit against a government for not following chicken welfare laws, proving how legal fights can protect animals. Alice's work is a great example of how smartly using the law can lead to big wins for animal rights and safety.

These stories show that with determination, creativity, and an understanding of the law, you can make a real difference in the lives of animals. Each victory, whether in court or through raising awareness, contributes to a larger movement towards better treatment and respect for animals all over the world.


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