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Giving for Animals Stories | Kevin

Updated: Jan 31

This profile is part of the "Giving for Animals Stories" Series. Kevin is a board member of EA Austria and the founder and organizer of Effective Animal Advocacy Austria. Kevin took the Giving What We Can pledge to donate a part of his income to animal charities.

What inspired you to start donating to the animal advocacy cause and what motivates you to continue?

After taking a closer look at different ways to help animals, I realized that effective donations can have an outstanding impact, potentially much larger than actions I had already taken. Instead of relying on the idea that I was already doing something and therefore wouldn't need to do anything else/that I simply prefer other forms of advocacy, I decided to add effective giving to my efforts.

This has sparked a lot of conversations in my social circle and nowadays, I am continuously reminded by conversing with the people around me how impactful effective giving can be and how neglected it is as a form to advocate for animals.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking the pledge/earning to give for animals, but is unsure?

[Please note that I have not officially taken the pledge yet. I donated more than 10% last year and plan to take the pledge once I have a stable career]. I would strongly recommend trying it out. I believe that most people would be surprised by how little you'll miss these 10%!


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