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Giving for Animals Stories | Nithin

This profile is part of the "Giving for Animals Stories" Series. Nithin is a software engineer at Pleasant Pediatrics. Nithin took the Giving What We Can pledge to donate a part of his income to animal charities.

What inspired you to start donating to the animal advocacy cause and what motivates you to continue?

The fact that I can make an impact on an absurdly high number of beings.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking the pledge/earning to give for animals, but is unsure?

You can give significantly more than you think possible! The tax benefits allow for an up to 57% reduction in the amount you give (i.e. you would only need to give $10k post-tax to actually give $23k). Most people will only hit about 40%, but nonetheless, you can make a HUGE impact on many beings!


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