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Growing and expanding AAC’s brand

After four impactful years in animal advocacy, Animal Advocacy Careers is excited to announce a pivotal moment – our brand refresh and expansion. This represents our evolution from experimenting to growth, purpose, and an expanded range of programs, showcasing our commitment to creating lasting impact for animals.

We've taken care to predominantly retain the visual identity that has become synonymous with the AAC brand. We made essential changes to boost AAC's appeal to our audience.

Why now?

In our first three years, we focused on developing impactful programs and assessing their impact. This year, we dedicated time to improving our brand identity, values, and voice to increase our reach and impact. Recognising the importance of visually representing these elements, we felt compelled to integrate them into our branding.

This marks a new chapter in our journey, enhancing our commitment to ending animal suffering. We hope you like it!

Our mission, vision and values

Our mission: AAC speeds up the end of animal suffering by matching people to roles that help animals most.

Our vision is to facilitate an animal advocacy movement where animal advocacy organisations are powered by talent to accelerate faster towards their visions. As a result, animals suffer less across the world.

Our values:

  • Mission with Ambition: we set ambitious goals and are willing to take risks for high potential returns.

  • Effective Detectives: We regularly analyse our programs and stop ineffective ones.

  • Intentional Integrity: Upholding ethical standards, transparency, and honesty.

  • Passion for Compassion: We create a positive and inclusive culture that prioritises the well-being of animals and each other.

  • Conscious Collaboration: We believe in working together (externally and internally) to achieve more than we can alone.

Our desired brand identity and tone of voice

As a service-oriented organisation, we shape our brand to:

  • Connect with people (warm friend)

  • Clearly explain complex concepts (simplifier)

  • Provide support and encouragement (purposeful)

  • Motivate action

AAC's brand personality

New logo and visual identity

The new logo is built on the foundation of the previous chevron/arrow design that has historic brand power. The new look rearranges the logo slightly to incorporate more colour and more meaning within the logo mark.

What does this logo symbolise?

  • Career steps & stages: The diamond and circle in the symbol abstractly represent diversity, people coming together, forming the body of the arrow to propel the movement forward. The shapes also symbolise how AAC helps people move from one step of a career process to the next.

  • Animal infusion: this abstract mark can be interpreted as a fish, highlighting our focus on farmed animals, or as an owl face, symbolising our care for wild animals and the wisdom personality trait of our brand.

Animal Advocacy Careers new logo

The colour palette

Our primary colours remain orange and blue, complemented by maroon and sand as dark and light neutrals for added versatility.

The reasons behind the change

  • Recognisability: enhancing our brand recognition through unique and strong graphics

  • Uniqueness: creating unique visual elements that make us stand apart from other brands.

  • Flexibility: Adapting our logo to various layouts (besides just horizontal) and creating an abbreviated (symbol only) logo.

  • Personality: Infusing impactfulness and friendliness through vibrant designs and welcoming colours.

Special thanks to our partners, Vegan Hacktivists, for their outstanding contribution on this project. 🧡


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