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Are you struggling with “what-ifs” and can’t focus on your current job?

As with every career move we make, we are sometimes stuck with questions like-  what if I could have done it better? What would it be like if I chose to do that rather or if I did this differently? If you have long been occupied with this idea, you are in the right space. Here, we will explore how to drift away from that existential dilemma to help you identify your personal fit- aligning your job with your individual skills, interests, and values. It is with that intent that we hope it motivates you to join Animal Advocacy if you have been longing to make it your career!

In this section, we are going to cover some problems that many people, such as you, may face when at the intersection of career regrets. Some helpful tips for you follow this, so read on. 

Narrative 1: You are not happy at your current job and are unsure whether you want to continue being in the same job.

As you sit at your desk, surrounded by the familiar buzz of the office, a sense of dissatisfaction gnaws at you. You find yourself questioning the choices that led you here, to a job that once seemed like a dream but now feels like a mismatch. 

"Why did I choose this path?" you wonder silently. The question isn't new; it has been a recurring thought, popping up in moments of frustration or during long, tedious meetings. You remember the enthusiasm and ambition that fueled your career choice. Still, those feelings now seem like distant memories, overshadowed by the monotony of daily tasks and your lack of fulfilment.

Narrative 2: You missed some opportunities and thought you didn’t explore enough!

Days ago, when you were standing at the crossroads of career choices, you chose the practical route. It was the safer option, one that promised stability and security. The dreams you had, those creative and adventurous aspirations, were tucked away. "Not practical," they said. "You need a real job," your peers advised. So, you followed the well-trodden path, believing that your dreams could always be pursued later, as hobbies or in retirement.

Do you identify with any of these problems?

Unfulfilled potential weighs heavily on our minds. Having always wanted to work for animals, or feeling it's too late to change your career or leave behind your existing job, is something many have experienced. Yet, within this regret, there lies a glimmer of hope. You understand now more than ever that life is about choices, and there is always time to make new ones. Perhaps you can't turn back time, but you can start from where you are.

It is still possible to start over...

It's important to remember that transitioning into an Animal Advocacy role, or any new career path, is a journey that varies for each individual. Many have successfully embarked on this career path early on or even later in life, with some even transitioning in their 50s and beyond. The road may seem long, and it's common for the job search to take several months, but perseverance pays off. A study which we did last year highlights that the average time to find an Animal Advocacy job can vary, underscoring the normalcy of a longer search period.

The pie chart shows for how long do people search for Animal Advocacy Jobs- some for 6 months, some for 2 years and some even found their dream role after 5 years!
Everyone has their own journey in finding the dream role :)

During this time, it's crucial to manage your feelings. Stay optimistic during your job search, even when facing rejections. Keep in mind that each position often attracts hundreds of candidates. Plus, the skills you’re building in other jobs will be an asset for your future animal advocacy job.

You can take your time to learn new things or help organisations in other meaningful ways while looking to join Animal Advocacy roles. One effective strategy is to engage in volunteer work. Volunteering, even for a few hours a week, not only enriches your experience but also provides a sense of purpose and fulfilment. It's an opportunity to hone your skills, network, and get a taste of the work environment you're aspiring to join. It is also possible that you might as well have a transition from your volunteer role to a full-time role at some point. Additionally, you could explore supporting animal advocacy organisations by committing to the Giving for Animals pledge. This allows you to contribute to a cause you're passionate about while pursuing a different career path.

Patience and persistence, coupled with proactive steps like volunteering and pursuing personal interests, are key to transitioning successfully into your desired Animal Advocacy role.

So, are you looking to step into Animal Advocacy?

It is never too late to make an impact for animals. You can start by assessing your existing skills to help animals as much as possible. Use your marketing skills, fundraising skills, operations skills, tech skills, or any other way you have worked so far to do something for animals! You can also review Animal Advocate Stories to learn how individuals transitioned to Animal Advocacy and how they are effectively utilising their expertise in change-making. 

Learn via our resources and check out our Essential Guide to Animal Advocacy on how to make a career plan in animal advocacy, or take our Introduction to Animal Advocacy course

If you feel fueled up, explore our Job board or look up prominent places such as Talist and Vegan Hacktivists for jobs and volunteering opportunities to upskill more. 

If you are interested in helping animals without leaving your current job, you can pledge to donate to animal advocacy organisations to further their mission. 


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