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About the Role

This is an exciting and impactful opportunity to govern one of the first women-led, BIPOC-majority, Native American-led, and equity-based international funding organizations in the plant-based food systems philanthropy space. If you have a passion for ending factory farming across the globe while transforming the way philanthropy gives, then this is a perfect role for you.

Thrive Philanthropy is an intermediary grantmaker that gives all across the globe to end factory farming and to create just, plant-based food systems. We use Trust-Based Philanthropy and equitable giving approaches.

Thrive launched in early 2023 but the team has been working closely together on similar work since 2021 and the CEO has been partnering with many of Thrive's grantees since 2018. The Thrive Philanthropy international staff are based across 3 continents. Our grantees are across 6 continents.

Candidates from any country are welcome to apply.

Please send inquiries to

About the Organisation

Thrive Philanthropy is a global grantmaker with a mission to amplify just, plant-based food systems and accelerate alternatives to industrial animal agriculture by strengthening frontline organizations through grants and capacity-building. Thrive's grantmaking is sustained by a multi-donor pooled fund.

As of January 2024, Thrive has moved nearly $2M to nearly 100 grantees from 60 countries and we have expanded the plant-based movement in 1 out of every 3 countries in the world through grants and capacity. Thrive is also significantly catalyzing the Africa-based vegan, food justice movement and has reached 30% of African countries through grantmaking, movement-building, and pan-Africa joint campaigns. Please find Thrive's 2023 annual report here.

Over the next 2 years, Thrive Philanthropy aims to triple its global grantmaking, deepen its Africa capacity work, and launch capacity-building projects across South America and Asia.

Thrive Philanthropy uses a Trust-Based Philanthropy and equitable giving approach. Equity is the center of all of Thrive's work. Thrive also operates from a vegan ethic and believes all animals-both human and otherwise- have autonomy and the right to a life free from intentional harm and exploitation.

Thrive Philanthropy operates a hybrid model and is registered as both a 501c3 public charity and DBA. The Board of Directors governs the 501c3. All grantmaking and programs are housed at Thrive Philanthropy, Inc. 501c3. Donor services are divided between the 501c3 and Thrive Philanthropy Consulting, DBA.

Thrive Philanthropy's CEO & Founder, Jessika Ava, MS, MPA (bio) has 14+ years experience in international philanthropy. She launched Thrive Philanthropy to dismantle factory farming by dismantling accessibility barriers for non-USA grassroots organizations and ensuring food justice advocates across the globe have equitable access to funding opportunities.

Find more about us at

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