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New Roots Institute Leadership Academy

New Roots Institute

New Roots Institute


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About the Role

During this remote eight-week program running from June 25 through August 15, 2024 in sustainable food systems leadership, you'll be surrounded by like-minded, high-achieving peers who share your passion for making a real-world impact. You’ll learn about the challenges inherent in industrial animal agriculture, develop the critical competencies to advance systems-level change, and build meaningful connections with other leaders in the movement to end factory farming. By applying for the Leadership Academy, you’ll also have the chance to be selected for the yearlong fellowship.

The Leadership Academy will:

Introduce you to current challenges inherent to industrial animal agriculture.
Connect you with the lived experience of individuals most directly affected by those challenges, and those in our partner network who are actively working to solve them.
Lay the foundation for the campus and community-based work you'll be undertaking with the guidance and support of our staff and partners.

Eligibility Criteria

You're a high school or college student.
You can learn and speak in English.
You're aligned with our mission and values.
Candidates for the Leadership Academy are eager to be changemakers in the movement to end factory farming. They are eager to learn about the impacts of factory farming; develop communication, advocacy, and leadership skills; and leverage these skills to create change in their communities toward our shared goal of ending factory farming.

About the Organisation

Through interactive, high school and college lessons, we inspire critical thinking and dynamic discussions about the connections between industrial animal agriculture and current key issues impacting us all—like animal welfare, climate change and environmental sustainability, human rights, and personal and public health.

Through our Leadership Program, we offer fellowships for students motivated to dig deeper into the impacts, and solutions, of factory farming—while being trained in effective communication, advocacy, and leadership skills. Upon completing the fellowship, alumni go on—with our continued support—to develop and empower other leaders to create change in their communities toward our shared goal of ending factory farming.

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