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Engagement Specialist - Contractor

Centre for Aquaculture Progress

Centre for Aquaculture Progress

Europe, preferably Greece

Campaigns, corporate engagement, or volunteer management

Research or data







Mgmt responsibilities: 


Date posted:


Rolling (deadline extended)

About the Role

An Engagement Specialist will lead communications with Greek stakeholders. This will involve liaising with stakeholders such as Greek animal welfare organizations, academics, fish producers, retailers, exporters, and policymakers, as well as representing the Centre for Aquaculture Progress at Greek conferences or functions. Some of these communications may need to occur in person, so a strong candidate will have some flexibility to travel. The Engagement Specialist will be the only Greek speaker in the organization, so will also be required to conduct other tasks from time to time, such as desk research in Greek, English-Greek translation activities, and provide the other staff with knowledge of the Greek context. The Centre for Aquaculture Progress functions similarly to a start-up, and all early-stage staff are expected to conduct various tasks depending on organizational needs. Depending on the level of experience, an Engagement Specialist will also contribute to the strategy of the organization (remuneration will be adjusted accordingly for more senior staff).

About the Organisation

The Centre for Aquaculture Progress is a new organization focused on improving aquaculture for the benefit of consumers, farmers, and fish. It is the first organization dedicated to improving fish welfare in Greece.

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