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Researcher (2 positions)

Animal Law & Policy Network (ALPN)

Animal Law & Policy Network (ALPN)

India, Bengaluru

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About the Role

ALPN works towards conducting intersectional research on issues in the field of animal law and policy, particularly where it concerns farmed animals. As a Researcher with ALPN, you will be at the forefront of cutting-edge research in this field.

Since ALPN is a young organisation, you will be involved in setting up various programmes and leading our research projects. You will directly report to the Founder and Director of ALPN.

Some key responsibilities of a Researcher at ALPN include:

Undertaking high quality legal, quantitative and qualitative policy research on issues related to animal law and policy.
Engaging with government officials, civil society, academics and relevant stakeholders for ongoing and new projects.
Preparing quality reports, research notes, research papers, and presentations.
Ideate and execute new projects, including communication outputs and dissemination of those projects.
Write articles, blogs and op-eds, and make explanatory videos on relevant topics.
Organise and participate in events, meetings, and consultations with concerned stakeholders for the purpose of ALPN’s work.
Assist the Founder and Director of ALPN in activities including but not limited to fundraising, external communications, and designing programmes for organisational growth and expansion.

About the Organisation

ALPN is India’s first intersectional think-tank working exclusively on animal law and policy in the country. ALPN was founded in October, 2023 with an incubation grant from India Animal Fund. As of March, 2024, ALPN is a not-for-profit company registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013.

ALPN’s mission is to advance the development of legal policy in the field of animal law through research and advocacy. We believe that the welfare of animals is deeply intertwined with human well-being and planetary health. Our research projects are aimed at exploring the interlinkages between animal welfare and other issues like labour rights, environment, climate change, public health, child rights, women’s rights and so on. Our goal is to demonstrate through objective and independent research how the well-being of humans, the environment, and animals is inextricably linked.

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