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Latino Program Campaigns Manager

Animal Equality

Animal Equality

United States, Miami, FL

Campaigns, corporate engagement, or volunteer management







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About the Role

The Latino Program Manager oversees Animal Equality’s Spanish-speaking programs in the U.S.. This position is responsible for creating excellent online and offline campaigns to inspire the Latino community in the United States to support Animal Equality’s mission and reduce the consumption of animal products, replacing them with plant-based foods.
We are looking for an outgoing and charismatic advocate with a mission to help farmed animals and a strong enthusiasm to engage Latinos in the United States.

General Responsibilities: 
* Develop strategic campaigns to engage the Latino community in the United States that promote farmed animal protection and plant-based eating.
* Represent Animal Equality in the Latino community.
* Create engaging online and offline content for the Latino community in the United States on key platforms by collaborating with well-known and influential vegan Latinos.
* Track and analyze web traffic and conversions to ensure the success of Animal Equality’s Latino online campaigns.
* Coordinate webpage and social media maintenance for our LoveVeg platform—ensure that new and consistent information (article links, stories, and events) is posted regularly.
* Assist and actively participate in Latino festivals and events to inform about farmed animal protection, inspiring interest in veganism and plant-based foods.
* Engage with Hispanic and Latino media across the U.S. to push forward Animal Equality’s mission and veganism.
* Represent Animal Equality on Latino TV shows, representing Animal Equality, its mission, as well as veganism and plant-based foods.
* Produce engaging materials (written and online) that speak to and connect with the Latino community.
* Engage and promote Latino vegans on Animal Equality’s platforms.
* Support the communications department by adapting and writing materials in Spanish and keeping detailed communications calendars.
* Help coordinate national and regional events for Latinos.
* Work alongside Animal Equality’s Latin American teams to identify collaborations and other opportunities.
* Participate in Animal Equality protests and other campaigns when required.
* Perform other duties as assigned.

About the Organisation

Animal Equality is an international organization that works with society, governments and companies to end cruelty to farmed animals. Animal Equality has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and India. It has been considered one of the leading charities in recognition of its efficiency and effectiveness in helping animals.

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