Thank you very much for your interest in referring a candidate for an important role helping animals!

All referrals for promising candidates are gratefully received. If you refer someone who gets hired for the role, then we will pay you $250, if the following conditions are met:

  • You provide us with their contact details through our referral form and agree to the terms and conditions written on this page.

  • The person responds to our contact message to them, letting us know that (1) they intend to apply and (2) they are happy for the organisation to confirm with us when they have applied and whether they were offered the role or not. Otherwise, we will not be able to retrieve this information from the organisation. So feel free to also contact the person you are referring yourself, encouraging them to apply and to respond to the email or message that they receive from us.

  • The candidate successfully completes one month of paid work on the job.

  • You submit five or fewer referrals for the role. This is because we expect the system to work better from quality referrals rather than quantity of referrals.

  • The candidate had not already submitted an application prior to the referral.

  • AAC has not already directly reached out to the candidate encouraging them to apply.


If multiple people refer the same candidate and the above conditions are met, then the reward money will be split between the referrals. E.g. if two people referred the same candidate, they would  receive $125 each; if three people referred the same candidate, they would receive $83.33 each, and so on.


In the event of a disputed fee, AAC’s decision shall be final. We retain the right to change the conditions of or cancel the scheme without written notice.