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Thank you very much for your interest in submitting a role to our job board!

At the time being, to be included on our job board, most roles must meet the following two conditions:

  1. Be focused primarily or exclusively on helping farmed animals. This can include via indirect methods, such as work in policy, or animal product alternatives companies.

  2. Not be focused on sanctuaries or direct animal care.


We are more likely to be flexible on the above two rules if: 

  • The animal advocacy community is small or new in the country where the role is based/focuses.

  • The role is at an organisation that is, as a whole, very highly involved in the effective animal advocacy community.


A third requirement is that the hiring organisation must be publicly named and most of the information relevant to the columns on our job board must be publicly available.


We are likely to accept requests to post roles that meet the above three requirements if the organisation sending the request agrees to work with us on tracking how many people hear about the role through the job board. For example, this could involve:

  • If the org has a question in the first round of the application for “How did you hear about this role?”, they could add “Animal Advocacy Careers (job board)” to the dropdown menu. 

  • If they do not include such a question in the application process, adding it as a question to their list of interview questions.

  • Once the hiring round is over, letting us know how many people applied, and how many made it through various stages of the hiring process.

  • (Optional, but preferred) If the hired candidate heard about the role through Animal Advocacy Careers, letting us briefly interview them once they have been hired.

If you would like to submit roles for consideration on our job board, please first check whether we’ve already included them. If we haven’t, please complete this form. We will receive an email when you do so and, if the role seems eligible, add it to the job board within a few days. Feel free to contact us first if you have questions.

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