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This tool will help match you to skilled volunteering opportunities that effective animal advocacy organisations are currently interested in. 

It only takes 10 minutes to identify the right opportunities, and perhaps another ~30 minutes to apply, if you follow our suggested steps (described in bold below or in the video on the right).

Step 1: Click on a volunteering category that you have skills or expertise in below to view relevant opportunities

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If preferred, you can view the full list of opportunities we have identified here.

We try to make this a fairly comprehensive list of the opportunities at the included organisations. We contact each organisation once every two months to see if they would like to update their entries.

As a small, new organisation, we have limited time to monitor opportunities. We can be fairly confident that opportunities at these organisations will have high impact potential and will be of interest to many of our readers, without doing extra vetting, e.g. due to favourable evaluations by Animal Charity Evaluators. For the same practical reasons, we are unable to respond to unsolicited requests to promote particular opportunities on the board (for now). If this board is popular, we may expand its remit to include other role types. If we don’t think it's achieving much, we may remove this board at any point.