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Animal Advocacy Careers' Referral Program

Do you feel upset about animal suffering and wonder if you could do more to help them?


This is your chance to do so! 


Animal Advocacy Careers is launching a volunteer referral program. 

With each referral, you’re making a positive change for animals.

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What will you be referring to?

Introduction to Animal Advocacy Online Course


Our online course teaches the key points to starting a career helping animals — which is one of the highest impact things people can do for them. By referring your connections to the course, they will learn about effective ways to help animals, and you’ll be increasing your impact for each person you bring.


Is there an offer for referrals?

We are not offering money, since our online course is for free.  We're hoping that you'll be motivated to spread the word so that you can help others to maximise their positive impact for animals. 


But we will be paying attention to people who seem to be successful at generating more sign ups from sincere participants in the course. E.g. we might reach out to you to give you tailored career advice, or discuss opportunities for you to get involved in (professional) community organising in effective animal advocacy.


How can you generate more sign ups?

Here are some ways you can use to bring more people on:

  • Send direct messages to your friends

  • Use social media

  • Talk about it in school/uni if you’re studying

  • Tell your work colleagues

  • Post it in your social media and messaging groups (especially the ones that have vegans or animal advocates)

  • Ask your local animal protection organisations to spread the word


It’s often best to have a quick think about if you know anyone specifically who might benefit from the programme, and then send them a tailored message or discuss it with them in person.

  • Why Fundraising?
    A lack of funding is one of the main problems that the animal advocacy movement faces. We believe that fundraising is one of the top areas where the movement most urgently needs more expertise. This programme seeks to empower individuals with fundraising skills within the animal advocacy sphere, in order to strengthen the movement.
  • What Do Fundraisers Do?
    There are many different types of fundraising roles and work, ranging from digital marketing to face-to-face fundraising with major donors. However, there are some common activities: ‣ Communicate with donors. Of course, this often involves directly asking donors or institutions for their financial support. ‣ Research potential donors and grant-makers. ‣ One-to-one communication with individuals and institutions that might make gifts and thanking them for gifts they have made. Fundraising involves both cultivating relationships with prospective donors and stewarding relationships with existing donors. ‣ Coordinate with other employees in the organisation to ensure that information related to donors is well-informed and to support communication with or proposals for donors. ‣ Logistical work coordinating fundraising across the department or specific fundraising campaigns.
  • How Will this Work Placement Expand my Career Options?
    Fundraising provides a lot of generally useful skills. At the end of the experience, you will be better equipped to work in various nonprofit roles besides fundraising, including campaigns, marketing, or management and leadership, roles in government institutions, or roles at for-profit companies. Fundraisers may be well-placed to enter high-level management and leadership roles in nonprofits.
  • How Does This Work Help Animals?
    If you’re interested in helping animals effectively through your career, you should prioritise work that has high potential for impact. Spending resources on fundraising can have a multiplier effect by raising substantially more money than is invested.
  • How Does the Application Process Work?
    Please complete our application form. After the deadline, if we have received a completed form from you, we will send you an email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not. If we proceed, you will be asked to complete 2-3 hours’ worth of test tasks. We will then send you another email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not. If we proceed, you will have an interview to discuss your application and the programme. We will then send you another email letting you know whether we will proceed with your application or not. Application deadline: Sunday 1st May. We recognise that this application process is more time-consuming than some. We offer compensation of $20 per hour spent on test tasks (up to a maximum of 3 hours), as well as $50 per interview. (Note that this payment might be taxable in your country and you are responsible for reporting it to your tax authority.)
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