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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The recruitment and retention of high-quality staff can affect important organisational outcomes.* This is also one of the main areas where Animal Advocacy Careers might be able to help address the career and talent bottlenecks in the animal advocacy movement.

To provide practical support for animal advocacy organisation’s recruitment efforts, we conducted searches for relevant mailing lists, jobs boards, and social media groups where animal advocacy organisations can promote their job adverts.

We identified more than you might expect:

  • 75 mailing lists lists, listservs, or websites (9 of which we categorised as “high” relevance/usefulness),

  • 54 Facebook groups or pages (14 high relevance/usefulness), and

  • 32 LinkedIn groups (9 high relevance/usefulness).

Please see the full spreadsheet here.

If you’re an individual job seeker, rather than looking through this list, it probably makes more sense to identify organisations that you’re optimistic about (e.g. the nonprofits listed here or the for-profit companies listed here) and check their websites. Unfortunately, none of the identified websites and social media groups that we identified provide comprehensive listings for those organisations.  

​* We haven’t conducted a review of relevant research on this (yet), but see, for example, here and here.

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