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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

We believe that management and leadership skills can be learned and it seems likely that this learning can occur independently. Hence, we created this spreadsheet to help people get started on the process of reading and reflection to improve their management and leadership expertise. The resources identified using this spreadsheet could be used for entirely independent learning, or discussed with colleagues or coaches. The spreadsheet contains:

  • Brief comments on different methods for identifying and using resources on management and leadership,

  • A list of over 250 popular books on management and leadership, and

  • A prioritised list of other resources that Animal Advocacy Careers is aware of that could be useful in developing management and leadership skills.

View the full spreadsheet here. It is intended to be a working document; we will periodically revisit and update it if we receive new information and recommendations.

See also our discussion of “Deliberate practice and training” in our skills profile on management and leadership (forthcoming).


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