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Global Director of Digital Engagement

World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection

United Kingdom

Marketing or communications






Senior management

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About the Role

Step into a pivotal role at World Animal Protection as our Global Director of Digital Engagement. You'll be at the forefront of our ambition to reshape the digital landscape. Spearheading our digital transformation, you'll masterfully craft and oversee our overarching digital engagement strategy. But this role goes beyond mere innovation; it's about channelling digital prowess to amplify our global campaigns, elevate supporter engagement, and bolster our revenue streams.

In close collaboration with cross-functional teams, you will pioneer a robust programme of Digital Transformation and Marketing Engagement, aligning it seamlessly with our vision and strategies for food systems, wildlife, and organisational growth. Moreover, you will champion the creation and global rollout of influential digital engagement campaigns. By facilitating and supporting the work of our country teams, you will ensure that our digital performance is maximised and that data-driven supporter journeys become an integral part of our organisational identity.

About the Organisation

World Animal Protection is the global voice for animal welfare, with more than 70 years’ experience campaigning for a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering.
We have offices in 12 countries and work across 47 countries. We collaborate with local communities, the private sector, civil society and governments to change animals’ lives for the better.

Our goal is to change the way the world works to end animal cruelty and suffering for both wild and farmed animals. Through our global food system strategy, we will end factory farming and create a humane and sustainable food system, that puts animals first. By transforming the broken systems that fuel exploitation and commodification, we will give wild animals the right to a wild life. Our work to protect animals will play a vital role in solving the climate emergency, the public health crisis and the devastation of natural habitats.

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