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About the Role

We The Free is on the lookout for passionate and knowledgeable freelance trainers to lead workshops and empower our activist community. If you're an expert in any of the following areas, we want to hear from you:

• Mental Health & Activism: Address the importance of self-care, stress management, and preventing burnout among activists.

• Protecting Minorities at Activism Events: Guide us in creating inclusive and safe spaces for all, and addressing the unique challenges faced by minority groups within our movement.

• Speaking with the Press and Maximizing Media Impact: Teach our advocates how to effectively communicate their message to the media and the broader public.

• Effective Lobbying and Advocacy: Teach activists how to engage with policymakers and advocate for legislative changes that benefit animals and the environment.

• Online Activism and Social Media Strategies: Equip activists with the latest tools and strategies for effective online advocacy and maximizing their digital impact.

• Effective Fundraising for Causes: Teach activists how to raise funds to support their advocacy work, from grant writing to crowdfunding.
An expert in something that's not on the list? Contact us! If you're passionate about animal rights and believe in the power of education and community, we want you on board!

Why Join Us?
Make a Difference: Contribute to the global animal rights movement and inspire positive change.
Flexibility: Freelance trainers have the freedom to set their schedules and work remotely.
Engage with a Vibrant Community: Interact with dedicated and passionate activists.
Supportive Environment: We The Free values diversity, inclusion, and personal growth. Join a community that cares about its members.
How to Apply:
If you're excited to share your expertise and empower our community, please send your resume/CV and a brief proposal outlining your workshop idea to
We look forward to welcoming dedicated trainers who share our commitment to creating a vegan world!

About the Organisation

We The Free (WTF) is a global community focused on defending animals through street and online advocacy. We focus on positive and inclusive community-building alongside data and analytics to effectively expose violence against animals and cultivate a vegan world. Learn more about us at

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