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Animal Photojournalism Fellowship

We Animals Media

We Animals Media

Asia and Latin America (preferred)

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About the Role

The program will support the Fellow in the following:
* Story development, execution and shooting technique
* How to investigate animal industries
* Post-production
* Promotion of a completed project
* Using networks and developing partnerships
The Fellow will work remotely with Jo-Anne McArthur over a series of meetings beginning in May/June 2023 for around 6 months. The fellow will receive funding to cover project costs and a stipend for the duration of the Fellowship totalling $6,500 CAD.

About the Organisation

We Animals Media (WAM) brings visibility to hidden animals through compelling photo and videojournalism. As the world’s leading animal photojournalism agency, it is our mission to document the stories of animals in the human environment — those used for food, fashion, entertainment, and experimentation — and to connect those stories to the individuals and organizations who can amplify their reach.

Our growing network of award-winning photographers and videographers extends throughout the world, capturing images from a broad and diverse spectrum of animal industries. Together, we have created the world’s most comprehensive collection of animal photojournalism. This globally accessible resource is made available for free to anyone working to inspire compassion, conversation and change.

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