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Coordinator of Colombian Food Campaigns

Vegetarianos Hoy

Vegetarianos Hoy


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About the Role

In charge of making contact with entities to generate instances of change of dishes, ensuring the good reception of these. Responsible for developing advocacy initiatives in national dietary guidelines and creating relationships with the network of health professionals in the region in order to promote a plant-based diet.

Modality : Part-Time

Applications through the form : you will need to attach your CV and motivation letter.

1. Coordinate the implementation of projects in the area of food campaigns in your country and countries where the Foundation is operational.
2. Contact and manage the relationship with entities to establish initiatives that reduce the consumption and service of products of animal origin and promote those of plant origin such as Meatless Monday, DefaultVeg and others.
3. Responsible for supervising and managing the necessary actions for the execution of the programs to which the institutions adhere.
4. Support in preparation and dissemination of Vegan Nutrition Guides.
5. Responsible for developing and managing annual consumer survey at LATAM level.
6. Responsible for managing, organizing and coordinating the different campaigns in the area: Plate Change, Nutrition Guide and Food Guide. vegans in your country for programs, building and maintaining strategic relationships.
7. Contact educational establishments, companies and other institutions to coordinate instances of execution of informative talks on plant-based food.
8. Responsible for making contact with educational establishments in order to publicize the Global Education program.
9. Direct support in the massive dissemination of the impact of the campaigns in the area.
10. Manage the establishment of relationships with possible collaborators for current and future projects and campaigns of the Foundation.
11. Generate and present reporting indicators on the progress of turnaround initiatives.
12. Stay informed and up-to-date with national and international news regarding animal, environment, health and any other issues that may be of interest to the area.
13. Participate in relevant events and discussions at the country level regarding food, always promoting plant-based/vegan options.
14. Make weekly reports and monthly results reports addressed to the General Director, Development Director, Director of Food Change.
15. Collaborate in all those activities related to your charge that the leadership requests.

* Training: Higher Technician or Professional in the area of nutrition or related careers.
* Microsoft Office Package – Basic / Intermediate.
* Excellent writing and spelling.
* Knowledge of plant-based food, climate change and/or animal welfare.

About the Organisation

Vegetarianos Hoy is an international organization working in Latin America to promote plant-based diets and to reduce the suffering of farmed animals.

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