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Coordination Corporate Development

Vegetarianos Hoy

Vegetarianos Hoy


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About the Role

Work with the team of Latin American coordinators in the search and collaborate with brands/companies in the local market, for food certification, generation of vegan alternatives and promoting the development of the plant-based market.

Modality : Part-Time

Applications through the form : you will need to attach your CV and motivation letter.


Coordinate the implementation of projects in the corporate development area in Colombia.
Develop contact search and relationship development with consultable companies to increase their plant-based/vegan options, and reduce and/or eliminate ingredients of animal origin.
Generate advertising alliances with companies that already have vegan options.
Develop and manage the implementation of Marketing strategies.
Investigate and organize a database to detect opportunities within the food industry, with key contacts within the largest companies in Colombia and Latin America.
Find and contact companies that have vegan products in their catalog, and then carry out the vegan certification process.
Generate contact bases with suppliers of vegan inputs and products in your country for the programs, building and maintaining strategic relationships.
Participate in the study processes of the Certifications area, carry out the analysis and technical studies during the process, maintaining contact with the companies.
Contact, follow up and work with companies to support the development of their first vegan alternatives with Vegan Option.
Lead the development of the Supermarket Ranking in your country, coordinating the analysis of availability and the subsequent publication and dissemination in the media.
Manage the establishment of relationships with possible collaborators for current and future projects and campaigns of the Foundation.
Stay informed and up-to-date with national and international news regarding animal, environment, health and any other issues that may be of interest to the area.
Participate in relevant events and discussions at the country level regarding food, always promoting plant-based/vegan options.
Prepare weekly reports and monthly results reports addressed to the General Director and Project Director.
Collaborate in all those activities related to your charge that the leadership requests.

Training: Higher Technician or Professional in any area.
Microsoft Office Package – Basic / Intermediate.
Excellent writing and spelling.
Knowledge of plant-based food, climate change and/or animal welfare.

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