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Animal Protection Officer

Vegetarianos Hoy

Vegetarianos Hoy


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About the Role

Lead the work with food companies so that they improve their animal welfare standards avoiding bad practices and cruelty in various industries: chickens, aquaculture, livestock at the LATAM level. Working and leading a team of coordinators in the different countries where we operate.
Modality: Full Time – Onsite Chile
Applications through the form: you will need to attach your CV and motivation letter.
• Plan, manage and execute strategies with the aim of promoting animal welfare.
Investigate and keep updated the scientific evidence of actions worldwide with improvements that are • being made for the welfare of production animals
• Maintain relationships and represent the foundation in front of other organizations, be the contact point of Vegetarianos Hoy with other animal welfare companies
• Contact, organize and lead meetings with producer companies to promote animal protection.
• Investigate, evaluate and determine the best commitments for animals according to species and the reality of the countries where the foundation operates
• Coordinate with the Animal Protection team where the foundation operates contact with companies to acquire vegan corporate commitments in their country for the programs, building and maintaining strategic relationships.
• Investigate and keep up to date on the latest regarding the progress of different animal campaigns worldwide.
• Coordinate contact with producers from associations or individual producers with the team where the • • Foundation operates to find out the status of each country and specify corporate commitments
• Supervise information campaigns at the LATAM level on the reality of animals considered for production to generate support through social networks, communications in companies, aquaculture days, etc.
• Search and identify opportunities for the dissemination of the campaigns through various media (mass media, social networks, etc.) and search for opinion leaders who support them.
• Identify opportunities in the environment for the development of campaigns or projects under their responsibility and develop or delegate them to whom appropriate.
• Stay up-to-date at a national and international level regarding animal, environment, health and any other issues that may be of interest to the public of the foundation.
• Articulate and coordinate efforts with the legal area when appropriate
• Prepare reports and deliver monthly reports on the achievement of goals at the end of each month to the General Director, Development Director and Legal Director.
• Collaborate in all those activities related to your charge that the leadership requests.
• University professional graduated in biological sciences careers such as: Veterinary Medicine, Marine Biology, etc. Other professions with knowledge in the animal industry (poultry, livestock, aquaculture, etc.)
• Microsoft Office Package – Basic / Intermediate.
• Advanced English
• Excellent writing and spelling.
• Knowledge of plant-based food and animal welfare issues.

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