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About the Role

We are looking for a Freelance Communications Coordinator in Spain to join our growing international team and support us in our mission to create a better world for humans and animals alike.

The Freelance Communications Coordinator, ES will play a critical role in supporting the experience of Veganuary’s audience by creating and adapting web, email series and social media content for maximum reach and impact during our 2025 campaign and beyond!

The Freelance Communications Coordinator, ES will be responsible for the following tasks:

* Regularly create, curate, and monitor platform-specific image and video content and news specifically for the ES audience under guidance of the Director
* Adapt resources including the email series, web, and social media content for Spanish audience
* Prepare the email series to be launched
* Generate new ideas for exciting and engaging content
* Pull insights and data for monthly social media and media KPI reports
* Monitor Google alerts, news, and wider social conversations for relevant ES content ideas and media hits
* Participate in international team calls as needed
* Support with other reasonable duties as required

About the Organisation

Veganuary is an international non-profit organisation that encourages people worldwide to try vegan in January and beyond. Veganuary’s popular cultural appeal, along with our positive and non-judgemental approach to veganism, is making a measurable difference for animals and the planet as well as improving people’s health. We proactively support people and businesses alike to explore the diverse world of plant-based foods and the benefits they bring.

Millions of people – from nearly every country in the world - have taken part in Veganuary since our launch in 2014, and thousands of new vegan products and dishes have been added to shop shelves and restaurant menus worldwide. With plans to launch campaigns in several additional countries in the next 4 years, this is indeed a very exciting time to join our international team of talented, valued and committed people who enjoy their ability to collaboratively contribute to this amazing cause.

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