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Director of Vegan Thesis

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Senior management

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About the Role

As the Director of Vegan Thesis, you will play a crucial leadership role in steering the organization's direction, growth, and impact. You will be responsible for overseeing internal operations, particularly focusing on executing and enhancing our research and development efforts. This role requires a unique blend of strategic thinking, academic insight, project management, and a passion for the vegan cause.

Key Responsibilities
1. Research, Development, and Strategic Partnerships
* Lead the design, implementation, and continuous enhancement of a comprehensive vegan research topic database.
* Ensure the database is user-friendly, up-to-date, and offers valuable insights to our users.
* Spearhead the development of engaging and informative workshops.
* Coordinate logistics, content creation, and delivery of these sessions, ensuring they meet our educational objectives.
* Oversee the progress and quality of research projects, ensuring they align with our mission and standards.
* Develop and maintain strategic partnerships with academic partners, industry experts, and other relevant organizations.
* Craft and implement a long-term strategic plan to expand our research areas, reach, and impact.

2. Leadership, Oversight, and Communication
* Provide guidance, inspiration, and direction to our diverse and remote team.
* Foster a collaborative, innovative, and results-driven work environment.
* Manage and allocate the Research & Development budget effectively, ensuring maximum impact and sustainability.
* Work closely with the finance team to monitor spending and adjust strategies.
* Regularly report progress, challenges, and insights to the board and stakeholders.
* Ensure clear and open communication channels within the team and with external partners.

3. Growth, Fundraising, and Advocacy
* Maintain donor relations, identify and pursue new funding opportunities (e.g., grants, crowdfunding campaigns) to support our mission and projects.
* Serve as a spokesperson for Vegan Thesis, engage with media, at conferences, and other public forums to raise awareness and support for our work.

* Demonstrated experience in academic research and project management.
* Strong understanding of and passion for academic research in plant-based food system transitions, animal ethics, and sustainability.
* Excellent leadership, communication, and organizational skills.
* Proven ability to work effectively in a remote setting and manage a diverse team.
* Experience in fundraising, grant writing, or financial management is highly desirable.

What We Offer
* The opportunity to lead a dynamic and highly impactful organization.
* A flexible, remote working environment. This position will be structured as an independent (freelance) contractor role, offering flexibility and autonomy in contributing to our mission.
* A passionate, innovative, and supportive team.
* A compensation and benefits package that grows with your impact and contribution, reflecting your experience and qualifications.
* A unique chance for personal and professional development while making an impact in an evolving field.

To Apply
Please send your resume, a cover letter detailing your interest and suitability for this role, and any relevant work samples or references to We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Vegan Thesis is an equal-opportunity employer committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

About the Organisation

Vegan Thesis is a pioneering platform that advances academic research in plant-based food system transitions and animal ethics. We facilitate this by connecting students and researchers with a network of academic, advocacy, and industry experts, providing access to a rich database of research topics, and supporting the development of impactful research projects. Our platform serves as a bridge between academia and real-world applications.

Our Mission:
To inspire, connect, and support students globally to conduct research with real-world impact for a more ethical and sustainable future.

Our Vision:
A world where every motivated student contributes to impactful research that accelerates plant-based food system transitions for the betterment of all living beings.

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