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Umami Bioworks

Umami Bioworks

India (Bengaluru), Singapore, Thailand (Ban Khlong Dan)

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About the Role

Umami Bioworks is cultivating the future of sustainable seafood by crafting delicious, nutritious, affordable cultivated fish that is better for our health, our oceans, and our planet. (Previously known as Umami Meats)

About the Organisation

At Umami Bioworks, we are pioneering cultivated, 'not caught' seafood by developing the production system for delicious, nutritious, and affordable cultivated fish, starting with IUCN Red Listed species that are difficult to farm and being driven extinct by human consumption. We are partnering with food producers to scale our cultivated seafood production system to provide people around the world with a stable, resilient, local supply of seafood free from mercury, antibiotics, microplastics, and ocean pollutants.

We’re on a mission to empower humanity to eat sustainably without sacrifice. We believe the only way to change how the majority of the world eats meat and seafood is to create real seafood - the most delicious, healthiest seafood available - without the environmental and animal welfare consequences of our current practices.

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