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Research Fellow (Temporary)

The Good Food Institute

The Good Food Institute

United States








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About the Role

Advancing the alternative protein industry will require innovations related to various existing white spaces. GFI’s Advancing Solutions for Alternative Proteins (ASAP) initiative aims to identify high-priority white spaces and suggest promising research directions. This initiative aims to add additional content to our ASAP Solutions Database. The Research Fellow will be responsible for:
* Proposing 4-6 high-priority research white spaces from a list identified by GFI scientists as areas of focus for the Research Fellow project in alignment with interests and expertise.
* Conducting a literature review to understand what specific research strategies or other interventions are likely to be effective for these priority white spaces.
* Communicating findings and recommendations through new entries in the Solutions Database.
* If applicable, creating graphics to aid in the communication of ideas.
* Incorporating feedback from other team members before publication in the database.

About the Organisation

The Good Food Institute is a nonprofit think tank working to make the global food system better for the planet, people, and animals. Alongside scientists, businesses, and policymakers, GFI’s teams focus on making plant-based and cultivated meat delicious, affordable, and accessible.

Powered by philanthropy, GFI is an international network of organizations advancing alternative proteins as an essential solution needed to meet the world’s climate, global health, food security, and biodiversity goals.

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