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Research Fellow

The Good Food Institute

The Good Food Institute

United States

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About the Role

In this role, you will have the opportunity to apply your scientific background to review major topics in fermentation to share with the alternative protein (AP) ecosystem. Your research will be crucial in informing the AP ecosystem on fundamental knowledge in the space as well as identifying further opportunities for growth and innovation. The Research Fellow will be responsible for:
Project 1 (8 weeks):
* Conducting a literature review on microbial feedstocks and metabolism as they relate to AP-relevant production systems.
* Surveying the industry landscape for relevant examples of novel feedstocks and metabolism for AP-relevant microbes.
* Generating figures to represent the state of technology in fermentation feedstocks and metabolism. 
* Preparing a draft review (“Deep Dive”) on microbial feedstocks and metabolism.
* Preparing a slide deck summarizing the major themes of the review.
* Recording a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) Slide Presentation for this Deep Dive.
Project 2, Option 1: Concept Notes (4 weeks)
* In collaboration with GFI SMEs, choosing two topics of pressing need for the industry.
* Reviewing and selecting the topics of interest with guidance from supervisor and GFI fermentation team.
* Researching the current state of need for the fermentation-derived AP industry in selected topic area and potential solutions.
* Drafting Concept Notes for the two selected topics and proposed solution space.
* Participating in review of and presenting to GFI SMEs. 
Project 2, Option 2: MOOC Presentations (4 weeks)
* Organizing existing Deep Dives (USP, DSP, Strain Development) into hour-long seminars for MOOC.
* Creating a slide deck for each deep dive.
* Presenting slide deck recording of each deck/MOOC lesson.
* Building out MOOC support resources.

About the Organisation

The Good Food Institute Europe (GFI Europe) is at the forefront of the movement to transform meat production in order to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, from climate change and global hunger, to antibiotic resistance and animal suffering.
We work with scientists, businesses and policymakers to make plant-based and cultivated meat (grown directly from cells) delicious, affordable and accessible.

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