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Social Change lab

Social Change lab

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About the Role

As the Director of Social Change Lab, you would have a high level of responsibility and high impact. You would lead our small team in delivering cutting-edge research on the outcomes and strategies of social movements and ensuring widespread communication of this work to key stakeholders. You would play a significant role in shaping our long-term strategy and the programs we want to deliver, such as research, capacity building, training or philanthropic advising.

About the Organisation

Social Change Lab is a nonprofit conducting and disseminating social movement research to help solve the world’s most pressing problems. Historically, social movements conducting disruptive campaigns seem to have been crucial in driving significant political, social and economic change. Despite this, there has been little research systematically analysing the effectiveness of social movements and the strategies or tactics that most influence the success of these campaigns. Our research addresses this neglected knowledge gap and provides actionable advice to advocates and philanthropists working on a variety of globally important issues, with a focus on animal advocacy and climate change. We support activist groups in choosing effective campaigning strategies and tactics (e.g. via delivering trainings and workshops) as well as supporting funders with their philanthropic giving. Our work has been covered in respected outlets such as The Guardian, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Deutsche Welle, the New York Times, and more.

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