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Investigations & Video Production Director - International

Sinergia Animal

Sinergia Animal


Operations, administration, HR, project management, finance or accounting







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About the Role

This is an exciting position for someone who has significant experience in in-depth research, investigative journalism, pre- and post-production of films and documentaries, and especially in undercover investigations carried out by media outlets or NGOs.

* Conduct in-depth online research to plan investigations in several different countries, with a special focus in Southeast Asia.
* Manage the audiovisual manager and ensure high quality of materials.
* Hire and train freelancers (experienced or not) and specialized agencies to carry out fieldwork and produce impactful and high-quality images.
* Approve budgets and control expenses reported by outsourced service providers  involved in projects.
* Prepare briefings and legal reviews with the help of lawyers from each country.
* Produce video scripts and promotional texts.

Desired Skills/Experience:
* Excellent research, project coordination, and budget-oversight skills
* Solid experience in audiovisual work, investigative journalism, or equivalent/similar work.
* Expertise in fact-checking and accuracy,
* Good knowledge in text production and online and media dissemination strategies.

About the Organisation

Sinergia Animal is an international animal protection organization working in countries of the Global South to reduce the suffering of farmed animals and promote more compassionate food choices.

We work in the low- and middle-income countries of the Global South — in Southeast Asia and Latin America — to reduce the suffering of animals exploited by the food industry and reduce animal product consumption by promoting more compassionate and healthy diets.

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