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Freelance Demonstration Organizer

Sinergia Animal

Sinergia Animal


Campaigns, corporate engagement, or volunteer management







Mgmt responsibilities: 


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About the Role

Terms of Employment: Freelance Services

Reports to: Campaigns Manager

Position Location: Argentina

Compensation: 4 Euros per hour

Language requirement: Native Spanish

About Sinergia Animal
Rated as one of the world's most effective animal protection organizations by Animal Charity Evaluators, Sinergia Animal is an international campaigning organization working in countries in the Global South (specifically Latin America and Southeast Asia) to reduce animal suffering and promote more compassionate food choices.

We use negotiations, investigations, peaceful direct actions, and innovative campaigning methods to expose the suffering of farmed animals and to help build a world in which no animals are exploited for food.

About the position
The goal of this position is to assist our local team in conducting peaceful street demonstrations that ask major food corporations to implement policies to phase out the use of animal products that originate from the worst forms of animal production systems, with a focus on intensive confinement practices and cages. Our current ask in Argentina is for companies to stop using eggs from battery-cage hens. This position will be a freelance demonstration organizer for street actions, including tasks such as pre-producing materials, transporting materials, talking to other participants and passersby, taking pictures, leafleting, holding signs, and other initiatives determined by the Campaigns Manager.

Help plan and carry out peaceful demonstrations coordinated by the local Campaigns Manager

Report activities and collaborate deeply with the Campaigns Manager


Argentinian citizen or immigrant with a residency visa currently living in Argentina (it’s preferable if you live in Buenos Aires; however, people who are able and willing to travel to the capitals are welcome to apply)

Proven ability to work with teams (especially groups of activists)

Commitment to the mission and objectives of the organization

Commitment to non-violent communication

Affinity for animal rights issues

Desirable: previous experience in community organizing, peaceful demonstrations, communications, or campaigning with the media or NGOs

Enthusiasm, creativity, and proactivity are very important to us. Even if you don't meet all of these requirements, if you're very excited about this opportunity, then we want to hear from you!

About the Organisation

Sinergia Animal is an international animal protection organization working in countries of the Global South to reduce the suffering of farmed animals and promote more compassionate food choices.

We work in the low- and middle-income countries of the Global South — in Southeast Asia and Latin America — to reduce the suffering of animals exploited by the food industry and reduce animal product consumption by promoting more compassionate and healthy diets.

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