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Freelance part-time assistant editor

Sentient Media

Sentient Media


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About the Role

Terms of Employment: Part-Time, Freelance
Position Location: Remote
Direct Report: Managing Editor
Salary: $26,000 USD per annum 
Deadline to apply: March 31st 
Start date: May 1st 

Freelance Assistant Editor Duties and Responsibilities:
* Participate in pitch meetings and assist writers and fellows as requested by the Managing Director
* Edit a minimum of 2 SEO and 1 reported articles per week 
* Draft and submit 3 newsletters per week
* Research developments in animal agriculture and other animal industries for fresh stories and news-making developments
* Fact-check articles for the managing editor
* Collaborate with fellow staff on visual and graphic opportunities arising from your editing
* Work with fellow staff on improving public engagement and identify opportunities for new readership, including new audiences and topic areas

About the Organisation

Sentient Media is a nonprofit journalism organization committed to increasing transparency around the use of animals in our daily lives. We do so by publishing a wide variety of content focusing on four key pillars: Big Ag, the environment, justice, and culture.

In the past two years, our work has reached more than 50 million people with the help of our Writers’ Collective, an online community of aspiring writers, journalists, and advocates, and our growing team of digital marketing specialists.

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