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Our job board connects you to exciting animal nonprofit jobs with high potential for helping animals. 

See all roles in a spreadsheet here.

Note: if you select "worldwide" on the country filter, only jobs with the location defined to "worldwide" will appear. For jobs available only in your country, please do a new search with your country selected.

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Are you also interested in volunteering opportunities?

Playground, by Vegan Hacktivists, is a community of vegan volunteers looking to support animal advocacy organisations by offering their time and skills. Join them!


There are many different ways that people can help animals over the course of their career, including:

  • Working at food companies,

  • Working in government and policy,

  • Working in advocacy,

  • Working in research,

  • Working to earn money and donate to nonprofits,

  • Working in direct animal care.


In this job board, we focus on a narrow sub-section of jobs in animal welfare and animal jobs: roles at highly impact-focused animal advocacy nonprofits.


This narrow focus is for practical reasons, not because we are less optimistic about other types of animal protection jobs. We are updating the job board weekly.

If you are interested in listing a role on our job board, please submit your request here.


As a small, new organisation, we have limited time to monitor job opportunities. We list animal jobs at the organisations where we have some reason to expect that the role has an unusually high impact potential for animals.


For thinking about whether a specific job is the right opportunity for you — and for animals — we recommend you read our careers advice and we advise anyone applying to any role listed here to use the application process to see if the role is a good working environment for them. 

We make no representations or guarantees about the positions listed and are not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of employment.

For other career paths, here are some resources you might be interested in:


  • On donations, see the “What is fundraising in animal advocacy like in practice” section of our skills profile on fundraising, plus 80,000 Hours’ article on  “Why and how to earn to give.” The best specific job boards will depend on the industries you are interested in.

  • On government and policy, see our skills profile on “Politics, policy, and lobbying,” especially the “useful resources” section, though you will have to look at job websites specific to your country.

  • On research in academia, see 80,000 Hours’ article on “academic research.” There are many academic job boards (e.g.), though you will likely have a clearer idea of the best opportunities after pursuing a relevant PhD.

  • On food companies, see the job boards by the Good Food Institute80,000 Hours, and Unfortunately, none of these boards covers all of the promising job opportunities in this space, so we recommend that you also follow specific companies that you are excited about, e.g. from GFI’s company database.

  • If you're interested in animal sanctuary jobs, including jobs with animals and some opportunities relating to broader education or advocacy, see the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries' job board.

  • If you’re getting started on careers that help animals, our animal advocacy course with certification will help you understand the key considerations in this area and help you plan your next steps.

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