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Internship in the Food Services Team

ProVeg International - Internships

ProVeg International - Internships


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About the Role

Whether in schools, universities, hospitals or companies - community catering is changing. The demand for plant-based dishes is increasing, and more and more catering companies are expanding their vegan food offerings. ProVeg Food Services trains chefs, advises caterers on the introduction of vegan dishes and menu lines and on how to communicate with table guests, and connects them with manufacturers of plant-based products for commercial kitchens. We look forward to your support!

About the Organisation

ProVeg International is a food awareness organisation working to transform the global food system by replacing animal-based products with plant-based and cultured alternatives. We work with decision-making bodies, companies, investors, the media, and the general public to help the world transition to a society and economy that are less reliant on animal agriculture and more sustainable for all humans, animals, and our planet. We have offices in nine countries across four continents and are active around the world. ProVeg has a permanent observer status with the UNFCCC, special consultative status with ECOSOC, is accredited for UNEA, and has received the United Nations’ Momentum for Change Award.

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