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Fundraising Coordinator

Observatorio de Bienestar Animal

Observatorio de Bienestar Animal


Fundraising or development






Middle or junior management

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About the Role

Develop the organization's fundraising from philanthropic entities and American donors, cultivating fruitful relationships with donors and philanthropic entities that provide resources to carry out the organization's projects. 

This role reports to the area director or, in his or her absence, to the executive director of the organization and coordinates closely with the operations and communication departments.

Principal functions:
* Achieve the objectives of the fundraising area that has to do with financing from American philanthropic entities and American donors.
* Find, manage and maximize top donors and grant-making entities, while looking for ways to diversify our donor portfolio.
* Manage relationships with funders and major donors and maintain and update donor data and contacts in fundraising software.
* Coordinate and implement fundraising communications.
* Prepare proposals and reports for donors, emphasizing donors in the environment of effective altruism.
* Manages application and reporting cycles requested by philanthropies and large donors, and liaises with relevant project managers. 
* Analyzes prospects and leads the cultivation and solicitation of major donors and grant-making organizations.

About the Organisation

The Animal Welfare Observatory is a fast-growing, high-impact non-profit organization dedicated to the defense of animals, with an outstanding track record of success.

Our mission is to achieve commitments with companies and institutions to end the suffering of animals destined for consumption. We want to achieve a food system free of intensive livestock farming!

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