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Machine Learning in Cellular Agriculture Residency

New Harvest

New Harvest

Canada, Edmonton, Alberta








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About the Role

New Harvest and Amii are now looking for an innovative scientist to address a promising research question at the intersection of machine learning and cellular agriculture during a dedicated residency position for one year. The Resident will join the New Harvest and Amii research communities, connecting with machine learning and cellular agriculture scientists.

About the Organisation

About Schmidt Futures

The project was supported by Schmidt Sciences, a philanthropic initiative founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt.

About Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii)

Founded in 2002, Amii is a non-profit institute that supports world-leading research in artificial intelligence and machine learning and translates scientific advancement into industry adoption. Amii is one of Canada’s three National AI Institutes and home to some of the top ML researchers in the world, including Chief Scientific Advisor Richard S. Sutton, one of the pioneers of reinforcement learning. AmiiI’s network of researchers includes 40+researchers and 150+ graduate students based at UAlberta, and at post-secondary across Western Canada, who study a diversity of subfields of AI and ML.

In addition, Amii takes an obsession-based approach to solving its partners most pressing challenges, with a focus on talent development to foster the next generation of ML breakthroughs. The Advanced Technology team specializes in accelerating projects that require interdisciplinary expertise and translate the most current ML research in near real-time.

Learn more about Amii’s mission of AI for good and for all at

About New Harvest

Founded in 2004, New Harvest is the field-building organization advancing cellular agriculture as a technology for the public good. New Harvest pursues open research (through support over over 30 research grantees worldwide), policy engagement (through development of key policy-informing publications), and community alignment (through thought leadership and events) to maximize the positive impact of cellular agriculture.

As a reputable and trusted partner of both industry, academia, and government, New Harvest is uniquely positioned to break down silos between sectors and disciplines to advance cellular agriculture technology. As the hub of the emerging field, New Harvest publications are widely read and influential in moving the field forward.

Learn more about New Harvest and our work on Cell Ag For the Public Good at

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