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Videographer and Video Editor

Mercy For Animals

Mercy For Animals


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About the Role

Employment: Full-time, CLT - Remote

Directly Responsible: Creative Management

Location: São Paulo and metropolitan area

Position objective: Responsible for capturing, editing and creating videos for Mercy For Animals in Brazil. Development of informative videos on investigations and topics related to the animal cause for use on the organization's social media, in addition to institutional, campaign and project-related videos in the different areas of activity of the MFA. 

* Create videos aligned with the organization's objectives, for our social media platforms, websites and other communication channels;
* Analyze and incorporate, respecting the requested deadlines, the comments and suggestions of the teams in the review of the projects and videos developed;
* Review technical issues in scripts already developed or develop scripts from pre-defined briefings and make validations in accordance with the organization's internal procedures;
* Research themes, references and relevant content for the production of videos and images/inserts for the organization's audiovisual productions;
* Planning the materials needed for recordings, as well as taking care of the organization's equipment before, during and after filming;
* Keep abreast of the newest techniques and best practices and resources for capturing and editing videos and audience engagement on social networks to incorporate them into the production strategy;
* Keep abreast of audiovisual productions related to the animal cause with high repercussions on social media, for reference purposes and improvement of Mercy For Animals productions in Brazil;
* Monitor the organization's online and face-to-face events with real-time coverage;
* Keep abreast of local, national and international news related to Mercy For Animals' mission;
* Comply with all Mercy For Animals policies and procedures;
* Perform other activities required by supervision.

About the Organisation

Mercy For Animals aims to construct a compassionate food system by reducing suffering and ending the exploitation of animals for food. We envision a world where animals are respected, protected, and free. As a leading farmed animal advocacy organisation, we know that achieving this goal requires a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work environment—one that welcomes and sparks new perspectives and innovative ideas. If you are passionate about our mission, driven to make a big impact for animals, and eager to be part of a dedicated team, join us!

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